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As of May 1, the share of Ice Cream Sandwich has reached 4.9% of all active Android devices, with 4.4% from those now running versions 4.0.3 and 4.0.4, while 0.5% are still running 4.0 and 4.0.2.

The numbers could’ve looked quite different if the Galaxy Nexus on Verizon hadn’t been stuck on Android 4.0.2 ever since it was launched back in December. Word has it that the long awaited update to Android 4.0.4 will finally arrive on Galaxy Nexus today.

Despite several leak builds of Android 4.0.4 for the Galaxy Nexus that have made their way out to the open, the carrier is taking it’s sweet time to announce a date for the official rolling out of update. But if you believe reports coming from several subscribers who apparently have gotten the tips from Verizon support staff, the update will start trickling down to your phone starting from 11 AM EST.

The Android 4.0.4 for Verizon’s Galaxy Nexus will reportedly bring improvements to the signal strength of the phone’s radio, smoother screen rotation, enhanced camera functions, and an overall boost of speed and performance.

Folks, better not get your hopes up until we receive confirmation from Big Red. But in any case, you might want to check your phone today for any update notifications. Think of it is a wonderful surprise if Verizon does roll out the Android 4.0.4 update today for your Galaxy Nexus. Don’t forget to share the news with the rest of our readers by commenting below.

Bams Sadewo
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  • Its better late than never.. :)

  • Slavs06

    Hopefully it comes down today. I love all updates

  • Simonblakeway

    Some of us in the UK are still waiting for the 4.0.4 update were still stuck on 4.0.2, and we have had the phone a lot longer. It’s getting to be a bit of a joke all the lies about the nexus being the phone that gets the updates first even the old S2 is on 4.0.3.

  • Stephenbrown37

    Waiting Waiting Waiting!!!!!!

  • NoBoby

    I’ll believe it when I see it… This is just another rumored date.

  • Steve

    Strange that Verizon hasn’t updated to 4.04. I bought a Sprint galaxy nexus almost two weeks ago, and it was updated to 4.04 by the time I got it home on the day I bought it..

    • Dj Hidro

      Now if only there was lte for the sprint version.

  • steveark

    it is 11:03 AM eastern time, no joy. why am I not terribly surprised.

  • Dj Hidro

    12:45 est and nothing

  • catchxxii

    Name sources or this rumor is fake.

  • R Landino

    12:33pm AZ time. Nothing yet!

  • Hminus

    Nada 15:30 CST.

  • mindstream98

    5:49 PM CST…no update…all joy all fun….

  • Jckcml

    6:15 p.m here. No update. *sigh*

  • Bobmarr

    LAMEEEEE, still nothing….

  • Danny

    Verizon is honestly starting to piss me off, stop fucking with my updates just give me what Google makes. I don’t pay for your service for you to hold my phone back.

  • Davisdoes

    Class Action anyone?

    • BruntLIVE

      You must be American

  • Stevevarnell

    I just got off the phone with verizon tech support. They told me that they havent heard of an update for the nexus. Im not holdimg my breath on this one.

  • Jason poi

    I’ve been running 4.0.4 for over a month and it truly truly TRULY SUCKS!!! I cannot begin to tell you how bad this has screwed up my phone.After you get this update, I suggest you call the FCC to complain.

  • Jason poi

    Btw, your reception and 3/4g performance will drop like a rock.

  • Mc_jord

    love the nexus, hate the battery
    simple solution to a bad battery on any android

  • parsonbrown11

    Another bs story come and gone and based on reviews sounds like .04 creates more problems than it solves.
    Anyone organizing a class action let me know. Samsung/google/Verizon in that order. Verizon just needs to give iPhone replacements.

  • Why do you toy with your loyal customers Verizon??? You provide a product that everyone wants then you do nothing to to support us!! We who have bought the Galaxy Nexus have been waiting patiently for the update to 4.0.4 and nothing!! People who bought theirs on Sprint have received the update later that day! I know having a cell phone is a privilege and I could have gone with any carrier but I wanted to go with the best company (I thought this 10 years ago) Now, like many others I am thinking about dropping you because I feel more like dollar sign to you more that a person and a customer. I know you will not miss me because when I go there will be others who will come to your company and as you sit and read this and laugh and probably call all your co-workers to your cubical and laugh I do not care, you should reread what you have on your site and here it is

    Why a Verizon Promise?

    Creating a great company — and a great brand — boils down to two simple things:

    Making the right promises
    Keeping them

    You are failing at both…..
    Thank you for reading my rant if you you made it down to the end. I really do find you best but now I think the best has lost it’s way and who made them them the best!!!

  • Isaac

    This is a load of BS, same as the last ten thousand times it been “coming soon”, I wonder if “coming soon” should be “coming shortly after we re elect Ronald Reagan. This smells like Water Gate.

  • Jjt2200

    I just got off the phone with Verizon about this update. The 22nd date is a lie. They told me they know nothing about the update as of right now. Why would they put such a dissapointment out on the market for us to use? I got suckered into spending $299 for two phones. not for both but for each one! What a let down. I dont want to go to Iphone but I may have to. Nexus had so much promise.

  • Mkimball222

    I think you, Verizon especially Verizon and Samsung is full of balony!!!!!

  • Ben_reason1986

    This is all verizons fault…

  • Ben_reason1986

    And verizon said that there is no update for the nexus…once again let down lol oh well what are you going to do..

  • Waiting for the fifth version.