Verizon customers, you might not get your Samsung Galaxy S3 until July 6

by: Bams SadewoJune 6, 2012
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You’ve seen the leaked pictures of Verizon’s Samsung Galaxy S3 to help quench your gadget thirst before. But amidst the good news that you’d be able to pre-order your Samsung Galaxy S3 from the carrier starting today, on June 6, you may want to dial down the excitement a bit as the phone apparently won’t be delivered to your doorstep until next month.

Droid-Life has heard from several sources that Verizon would only ship the Galaxy S3 no early than July 6, with some even mentioning that July 9 would be the delivery date. Especially for the latter, it appears there’s a pictorial evidence to prove it, as you can see below.  The date seems to have been confirmed by several customers who have talked to Verizon reps about the July 9 shipping date of the phone.

But of course, until Verizon puts it in writing for the whole world to see on their website, amongst other places, please take this information with a grain of salt.

If you’re rather disheartened about the possibility of not getting to play with your Samsung Galaxy S3 this month, which isn’t helped  with the looming disappearance of the unlimited data plan on Verizon, you can consider pre-ordering the phone on Best Buy instead – which will have three variants of the Galaxy S3 from Sprint, AT&T and Verizon Wireless. The online retailer seems ready to ship out the phone on June 28, which would make it more than a week early than the rumored Verizon’s shipping date.  Decisions, decisions..

  • AppleFUD

    Is Verizon pissed at Android, Google, and/or Samsung?

    They seem intent on fubaring any decent Android device released on their network lately. What next, the S III will have a 5 to 6 month Beta testing period like the Galaxy Nexus did where users get a butt ton of bugs to play with?

  • TommyNYC

    Verizon need the extra time to add their crap to the phone, just like they do with any other device they have, nothing new. The good news are that at least they are not messing with the hardware this time, and software is easy to “fix”.
    I wish they were not the real only option for me, i would love to jump ship.
    The 7/9/12 shipping date is displayed on their site when placing the order… no secret there.

    • Neilharfert

      It said that I get to keep unlimited data plan for the phone. When do you think that’ll change?

      • Sky_Guy

        Was it simple, getting to keep your unlimited data plan? I have one too, and am thinking that I should pre order just so that I don’t have to lose it when the phone is actually at the stores..

        • When you preorder they give you the option to keep your dataplan (basically you get a list of radials divided into different categories (list is off the top of my head so its probably incomplete): Insurance, Software Accessories (stuff like Verizon Navigator, Visual Voicemail, basically a bunch of stuff that Google already gives you with Android), SMS/MMS plan, Phone Plan, Data Plan (which has a bunch of options for you to choose from).

          Each section will have what you currently are paying for selected, so if you have insurance on your phone whatever insurance plan you have will be selected, if you have unlimited data, unlimited data will already be selected (at least it was on the 3 phones I upgraded to S IIIs).

          You’ll also get a confirmation window regarding what youre dropping and what youre adding and in the adding thing you should see 4G unlimited or something like that.

          If you see a reference to losing your roaming, thats apparently 3G data roaming and is replaced with 4G data roaming (which under my plan both are free).

          • Sky_Guy

            Thanks! Very helpful!

          • ShoppingForAPhone

            Thanks Clap, can you keep your unlimited plan if all you have right now is 3G? I want to upgrade my Droid 1 with unlimited to the S3 with 4G unlimited. Will that work or can you only get 4G unlimited if you already have it today?

  • Anonymous

    Preordered on June 6th. Received my S3 yesterday and it is up and running. Upgraded from Droid X and was able to keep unlimited data. So far the phone is outstanding.