Verizon ‘will not touch’ their pricing structure for Edge customers

by: Nate SwannerJuly 19, 2013


On the heels of their Edge plan option, Verizon has been roundly criticized for not reducing the cost of their monthly service plans. Pundits see this as paying a monthly cost for the device, as well as a built-in subsidy rolled into the plan itself. Verizon’s CFO seems unfazed by such criticism, noting the nation’s largest carrier would not be altering their structure in any way.

Fran Shammo, the aforementioned CFO of Verizon, said very plainly “We will not touch our service pricing” when prompted to comment on whether or not Verizon would alter their pricing scheme to suit the Edge offering. Shammo plainly and flatly told us what we knew all along: Verizon isn’t interested in saving us money.

Shammo went on to say Verizon doesn’t expect many will take advantage of Edge, which may have foreshadowed their decision to so rigidly stick to their current pricing. For a company that was so fond of T-Mobile’s offering months ago, they’ve taken a very wait-and-see approach to this new frontier.

As we mentioned previously, Verizon is just the latest in the line of carriers making a very passing attempt at transparency in pricing. It’s fair, but not ideal, and Verizon seems to be okay with that.

Are you?

  • satsmine2k4

    “Shammo went on to say Verizon doesn’t expect many will take advantage of Edge”
    Edge = verizon taking advantage of it’s loyal customers… not the other way around…

  • V.A.N.

    I am not surprised at all. If I were them, I wouldn’t. Why would I? I have the best network, the most costly overhead, the most customers, etc… T-Mobile’s network on the other hand, is nowhere near as good as Verizon Wireless.

    The stuff that T-Mobile has done recently to win some business is cute. However, it’s not going to harm Verizon or AT&T at all,….UNLESS, they drastically reduce THEIR monthly costs to the point where it’s worth it for customers to switch over and tolerate their crappy network.

    • descendency

      The issue here is that Edge customers are still paying what amounts to roughly a $20 subsidy fee every month. By the time 1 year rolls around (and most people want their next phone), they’ve basically paid for their old one and still have to turn it in to get the new one.

      In effect, their bill went up $20 for literally no reason.

      • rabidhunter

        You forgot the extra $2 fee to use the service. So, the bill goes up at least $22

    • Seth Forbus

      Unlimited data is another big deal. Everywhere I take my T-Mobile note ll I have 4G. There are obviously places that I wouldn’t have it, but 99% of the places I spend my daily life in I have it, and I have unlimited data.

      • vikings football

        that is why im switching over to tmobile when my current verizon contract ends on oct 1, 2013…i want unlimited data without the overage and throttling.

        i have tested tmobiles 4g data speed on a smartphone and i dont get why i see so many negative comments regarding tmobiles 4g data speed. they seem just as fast, atleast to me, as verizons 4g lte when browsing the web.

        the fact that i dont see any speed difference between tmobile and verizon, the unlimited data with tmobile, and the greediness of verizon…is all the reason i need to switch from verizon to tmobile

  • fire

    Verizon isn’t interested in saving us money. let’s put that in prospective…
    This means more secure spying and selling to clients the information to companies.
    More and more people are willing to change carrie for a cheap phones because verizon people are stupied, why you ask? all that freaking phone do the same stuff on apps, what a joke the corporate people are having regathing americans that have the greatest phone but dont have the sence to know the difference.

  • mrjayviper

    Yesterday Nate Swanner was saying Verizon’s plan is almost perfect. He said that this double dipping is something we knew all along. Why the change of heart?

    • King Lo

      Jumping on the hidden subsidy bandwagon

      • mrjayviper

        Almost every reply I see on the issue here and in other news sites talk about the subsidy already built-in to the monthly charges.

        I somehow doubt he didn’t know about that and only found out today.

  • WCWPunk

    Simply put it. If you sit in one spot, then Tmobile is for you. If you plan on traveling then get Verizon.