Verizon, AT&T continue expanding their 4G LTE network coverage

by: Mike AndriciJuly 10, 2012

The two biggest carriers in the U.S., Verizon and AT&T, will soon expand their LTE coverage in a number of markets across the country, as demand for high speed mobile internet increases.

AT&T’s LTE network just became available for customers in Buffalo (NY), Burlington (VT), Cleveland (OH) Corpus Christi (TX), Gainesville (GA), Greensboro-Winston Salem (N.C.) and Wichita (KS).

It is worth noting that AT&T’s Cleveland expansion will cover the cities of Brecksville, Brunswick, Elyria, Hinckley, Hudson, Mentor, Solon, Strongsville, Twinsburg, and Wadsworth. The North Carolina expansion includes Gastonia, Lake Norman, N.C. Hwy. 3 from Kannapolis to Mooresville, U.S. 52 from China Grove to Mooresville, south of Salisbury to the Granite Quarry area, and U.S. 601 between Concord and Monroe, N.C.

AT&T now provides 4G LTE coverage in a number of 47 markets across the United States, covering a bit under 80 million people. The country’s second biggest carrier (by number of subscribers) plans to complete its LTE rollout by the end of 2013.

When it comes to the total number of markets covered, Verizon is doing noticeably better, as Big Red officials have announced that they are now serving 4G LTE coverage in a number of 302 markets across the USA. This number was just recently reached as Verizon has rolled out its Long Term Evolution network in a number of markets in New York and Ohio, as well as some markets in Kansas and Ohio. Columbus and Rome, Georgia are next on Verizon’s rollout roadmap.

Enthusiastic about these new LTE expansions from the two major carriers in the U.S.? Let us know what you make of it via the comments section below!

  • cvgordo

    sprint better step its game up or it’s going to get left behind. can’t wait to leave the unlimited network for a network that actually works.

    • ACE

      Sprint has more towers running lte(yes currently blocked but they are active) than anyone else. Maybe you should get up to date…..

      • cvgordo

        just because some website puts some colored dots on a map doesn’t change the fact that on a good day i get .5 megs down. wow more towers than everyone else..that’s your argument?? really?? dan is that you?

        sprint also had more wimax towers running than anyone else but that doesn’t mean i ever got my crappy faux 4g.

  • I like how att futile and disingenuous attempt to make their 4g LTE footprint look bigger by phrasing their expansion “in 47 markets” when in reality this pittance of a rollout is only to 7 new markets. This is like tom cruise wearing shoe lifts and claim that he’s 5’10” tall when he’s only 5’5″. Lame att lame.

  • Fred

    Verizon has had LTE in Little Rock since November. At&t isn’t even hinting at getting it here soon. I guess we see which carrier is the technology leader.