Verizon Apps will be closing, removal from Android devices will begin in January 2013

by: Robert NelsonNovember 5, 2012

Google Play

Verizon Wireless will soon be closing Verizon Apps. Verizon Wireless originally opened Verizon Apps in March 2010 and while we are fairly certain that some have never used it and never offered it any attention, we do believe that it did (at one point) hold some value. But that being said, it looks like Verizon has realized that users no longer need multiple app store options. In fact, in the Verizon Apps closure message, Verizon noted that “most apps existing on Verizon Apps are already available on multiple app storefronts, such as Google Play, Amazon.”

The closure process will begin in January 2013 and Verizon notes that is should be completed by March 27, 2013. For those wondering why it could possibly take all that time to close an app store. Well, not only will Verizon be closing it, but they will also be removing the app from all devices. Simply put, it you are sporting a Verizon branded handset that has Verizon Apps installed — it should be removed no later than March 27.

While Verizon did not offer any specific reason for the closure, the did mention the closure of the Verizon Apps app store was due in part because they are “evolving our [their] strategy to further simplify today’s experience.” Sounds like a noble approach, but then again, with Google Play, not to mention an alternative of the Amazon Appstore we cannot see any further need for Verizon Apps. Touching back on the comment from above about the store possibly having some benefit at one point. We were referring to being able to bill any apps purchased from Verizon Apps to your Verizon account. Of course, that support has recently come available with Google Play purchases.

Otherwise, the one other benefit we could see is something that less sophisticated users may miss — a smaller app store which could have made it easier to find worthwhile apps. Hey, we really like Google Play, but it can be difficult at times when searching and browsing around.

  • Zach Armstrong

    About time I always hated those Verizon apps they forced on your phones.

  • Twisted247

    Hopefully all will follow suit in removing the bloatware and making it an option to load it on your phone, rather than a requirement. Unless you Root ofcourse

  • Jared Persinger

    I’m glad Verizon is listening to its customers