Verizon announces end of life on several devices, you get one last chance to buy em

by: Joe HindyJanuary 28, 2013

verison As we all know, phones can’t stay on shelves forever. OEMs have newer devices they need to start pushing and Verizon need the shelf space to display them. Thus, devices reach their end of life where the carrier sells them no longer. A Verizon document shows that there about half a dozen devices on the chopping block, including the highly rated Samsung Galaxy S III.

If you’d rather view it yourself, we put the document at the bottom of the post. Some of the other notables on the chopping block are the Blackberry Curve 9370, the Motorola Droid 4, the Droid RAZR 16GB, and others. These devices have successors on the way, such as Blackberry 10 and the Galaxy S 4. Others already have it there, like the Droid RAZR HD.

There is still a small chance to obtain these devices if you want them. While Verizon won’t be receiving any more shipments, they do still have the final shipment. So if you’ve always wanted one of these devices, then now is your last chance to get them.

The big story here is the Galaxy S III. The world’s best selling smartphone of 2012 seems to be getting an early retirement. As Android Police’s David Ruddock points out, the 32GB variant probably wasn’t all that popular. After all, it did ship with a SD card slot so extra memory was just a few bucks away.

Now that these phones are on their last leg, is anyone going to be stepping in and getting one before they’re gone forever?



    All the devices except the Galaxy S3 are old and it should be about time for them to leave. But I think the reason Verizon is retiring the 32GB S3 is because more people (Me) chooses to buy the 16GB version and then buy a 32gb sd card($15) or even 64gb expansion card (like $40). Maybe they would still produce 16GB versions until any further s4 official announcement.

  • MistaC87

    I hope it is only the 32gb model of the Galaxy S3 that is being retired, otherwise Verizon has just made the most boneheaded business decision of the year.

  • Skander

    This is only for the Galaxy S3 32GB version, they probably sold more 16 / 64 ones.