Verizon Activation Service is Down

by: AlexanderDecember 29, 2011

More bad news for Verizon and it’s customers, folks. Something else over at Verizon is down. The service for new customers and existing customers who just got a new phone and use it to activate their new phone seems to be down. This thread at their support forums is really filling up with complaints about it.

Yesterday we told you about the nationwide LTE outage Verizon was having, which was fixed overnight last night. But, when the Activation service went down after LTE came back up seems a bit strange.

Hopefully, Verizon can get this fixed rather quickly so that those running out to buy a new Galaxy Nexus or Droid RAZR can activate and play with their new phone.  But, if you’ve bought a new phone already this morning, from some place that doesn’t activate your phone for you, you may be without a phone for a good little while. It looks like from some of the comments in our source, that this has been going on since at least Tuesday, leaving everyone wondering why it hasn’t been fixed yet.

Anybody trying to activate a new phone? Let us know if you’re having trouble activating it in the comments.

  • Anonymous

    “Once is happenstance. Twice is coincidence. Three times is enemy action.”

  • ann

    Trying since 9AM today to get and iphone 4s activitated. still no luck. a “ticket” was put in according to verizon and my phone was supposed to activate within 2 hours. no such luck yet.

  • Laurenschroeder324

    trying for 24 hours now on my iphone 4s… still nothing

  • KyleSmith

    My GNex won’t activate, VZW says I just have to wait…….

  • Laundrier

    No luck with iPhone 4S activation for 48 hours. I’ve been to two Verizon stores, the last said that the Apple store would replace it, supposedly called the Apple store. Went to the Apple store and was told that they would not replace it because it is a Verizon issue. Nice phone but not worth all the hassle!

  • Gehaaag53

    Haven’t been able to activate my new Droid Razr. :-(

  • ali

    no luck with iphone 4s activation since 12/28/2011… no customer service care either.