The Veho Pebble Portable 5000mAH Battery Pack Charger has hit Amazon with a decent price

by: Joe HindyOctober 2, 2012

Veho Pebble
A portable phone charger is one of those items you don’t think you need until you actually need it. In some cases you can plan for it, such as when you go camping. In other cases, it isn’t that easy. Like when there is an unexpected land hurricane that knocks out your power for a week. With unexpected inconveniences like that in mind, Veho has released their Veho Pebble Portable 5000mAH Battery Pack Charger on Amazon.

Long name aside, the Veho Pebble Battery Charger can be very useful in situations like those described above. It is essentially a 5000mAH battery that you can charge your device with. According to the product page on Amazon, the charger is capable of adding somewhere around 1,250 hours of standby to most smartphones. Or 125 hours of continuous music playback if you like spending your time without power listening to music.

The biggest feature of the Veho Pebble Battery Pack is its auto shut off feature. It is employed when your device is done charging to prevent problems like overcharging and short circuiting. This will also prevent the charger from using all its power on a charged phone.

In addition, the Veho Pebble Battery Pack comes with 12 charging tips. So it’s not just for Android phones. You can charge pretty much whatever you want to with it. Some examples from the product page include camcorders, cameras, Blackberries, and a Nintendo DS charger. Plus, the product comes with a neoprene case with a little pocket for storage.

In what situations would the Veho Pebble Battery Pack be useful?

As mentioned, unexpected natural disasters are definitely a time when you’d need some charging power. Or pretty much any activity or trip you plan on taking where phone charger access isn’t readily available. Will it get use every day? Probably not, but it has a very reasonable $29.99 price tag which is pretty cheap. Does the Veho Pebble Portable 5000MAH Battery Pack Charger sound like something you’d want to buy? For $30, it really isn’t a bad deal.

  • rossfarley

    Does it work with ipad??

  • KS Calendar

    I think the energizer XPAL power brick that’s been out for a while is still a better deal. The xp8000 is more expensive but you get plugs for most laptops, radios, and other electronics too (everything up to 24v). Also they offer free adapters for life (2/year) I don’t see anything about ordering addtionals for this… also the design of them is backwards from every other adapter kit (meaning the adapter plug itself has a female plug) so I’d be wary as this won’t work with other sets.

    As for if it works for iPad, it looks like the charging port on the device itself is a usb plug, so yes it should.

  • Ed Caggiani

    Going on a trip tonight and just got this today (love Amazon Prime) based on your write up. $30 is very reasonable for peace of mind. Now that many phones are coming with non-removable batteries (like my Evo 4G LTE), this type of device is necessary if you travel a lot or find yourself in places without power.