uTorrent for Android gets WiFi-only option

by: J. Angelo RacomaNovember 23, 2012

Unlimited data plans are going the way of the dodo. You see carriers clamping down on unlimited bandwidth, and even with so-called “unlimited” plans, these usually come with fair-use clauses in which heavy users’ accounts are throttled.

It’s all in the name of fair use, carriers say. If everyone uses too much bandwidth, then the entire network suffers. As such, if you’re fond of downloading big files through peer-to-peer networks or BitTorrent, you might want to steer clear from accessing your downloads through cellular data.

With BitTorrent for Android, though, it might be tempting to do downloads straight from your mobile device. That’s all right if you’re running on a WiFi connection, but the moment WiFi gets disconnected, you might find your cellular data use jumping from all the torrent packets being transferred.

The latest update to the uTorrent client addresses this, with its WiFi-only feature. “The new WiFi-only mode feature pauses download activity when you’re outside a WiFi area, and automatically resumes downloading once WiFi is accessible again.”

This update should be a boon for users who just want to download a file through BitTorrent and forget about it. You shouldn’t have to keep on pausing downloads manually whenever you’re on the move.

uTorrent is an Android exclusive for now. Users on other platforms are not likely to get the app anytime soon, especially the more closed ones like BlackBerry, iOS and Windows Phone. Well, not officially, at least. Head on to the source link to download or update uTorrent.

  • jfk

    Lmao for renewing my contract with telus in the summer I get 6gb data unlimited facebook/Twitter ect……. unlimited talk text picture sms ECT…… all the stuff I need for only 60 bucks a month from telus ….. now I’m seeing these dumb plans with only 1 gb data and non unlimited talk text from other company’s it’s discusting the shitty plans they are listing and for more then mine lol

  • Mamoon Bakeer

    I am a heavy uTorrent user on Windows 7. When I installed uTorrent for Android on my Samsung Galaxy S3, I noticed that a very important feature is missing which is a “Scheduler”. It allows me to schedule jobs after midnight to benefit from free-download hours. I hope they do it soon.

  • RarestName

    Is there nothing like 3G Unrestrictor/My3G for Android? Because that would pretty much solve this problem.