USwitch: Samsung’s Galaxy conquers the UK in December while iPhones heavily underperform

by: AdrianJanuary 3, 2013


The end of a year is usually everybody’s favorite time for compiling all sorts of charts and rankings, but when it comes to gadgets it’s often much more interesting to see how everything shapes up when a new year kicks off.

And that’s because the first days or weeks of a year are when you can see who bought what during the holiday season. The first numbers for December 2012 are now in, and, although we expected them to show Android’s supremacy over Apple’s iPhones, they’re definitely way rosier than even Google’s brightest dreams.

The report comes from in UK, a comparison site that has once again crunched live searches, pre-orders and pay monthly sales numbers for our reading pleasure. Here’s the top ten in full:

1. Samsung Galaxy S3 (no change from November)

2. Samsung Galaxy S2 (up two spots)

3. Samsung Galaxy Ace (up three places)

4. Google Nexus 4 (up one place)

5. Apple iPhone 4S (down three places)

6. Apple iPhone 5 (down three places)

7. Nokia Lumia 800 (up four places)

8. Samsung Galaxy Note 2 (down one spot)

9. Samsung Galaxy S3 mini (up seven places)

10. Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 (new entry)

Android Apple

So, what’s the first thing you notice after looking over this top ten? You notice Samsung, of course. Which not only has the number one handheld in the ranks and all three December medalists, but six out of all ten most popular smartphones in Great Britain. Wow! Just wow!

And if that’s not impressive enough for you, let’s take the six devices one by one and underline some of their unbelievable records. First up, the Galaxy S3. Android’s crowned king in 2012 has not only been the number one phone in the UK in November and December, but has also won the gold in all six previous monthly competitions.

Then, there’s the S2. An almost two year-old that still has so much fire in it to become – again – the vice-champion, despite iPhone 5’s freshness and 4S’s increasing “affordability”. And how about that petite Galaxy Ace, which is still running Gingerbread and will turn two next month? Or the S3 Mini, which we all thought was going to be an epic fail? And last, but not least, the Ace 2, which nobody expected to make a lot of waves with a pretty underwhelming spec sheet? What can we say, they’re all champions and Samsung must be proud.


As for the Galaxy Note 2, that’s actually the only unpleasant surprise for Sammy. The second-gen phablet was in a very solid seventh place in November, just one month after its release, but somehow slipped during the holidays. The 5.5-incher is pretty luxuriously priced, it’s true, but still, Samsung might have had higher hopes for it.

Meanwhile, Apple has to be wondering what the fudge happened. The iPhone 4S and 5 were number 2 and 3 in November and they looked in good shape to challenge the S3 with Santa’s help. However, they both underperformed big-time, being beaten not only by Samsung’s flagship, but also the S2, Ace and Nexus 4.

And talking about the Nexus 4, that went up one place from November, but you can’t say Google and LG can be too pleased about it. After all, while Play Store availability remained scattered, carriers started to push with the 4.7-incher, so we would have at least expected it to grab the bronze medal.

Any other thoughts on this top ten? Surprised to see so many Samsung devices there? Satisfied with Apple’s slow but steady fall from grace?

  • RarestName

    That’s because people always want what other people want :)

    Right now, it’s Samsung Android phones.

    • Mike Reid

      A bit self-perpetuating, but yes.

      I’m not surprised, I see app stats sales every month. GS2 users are the top buyers of my app, around 30%, and Samsung devices total around 60-70%. Every other OEM is fighting over “scraps” left, more or less.

  • Wibbly

    You say “crunched live searches” so doesn’t this mean folk may have looked at getting Android and then actually bought iPhones? It’s not clear how the searches and sales add up to make the ranking. (I’m an Nexus 4 user, not an Apple fan boy, by the way)

    • kascollet

      Yes. I’m afraid those numbers aren’t actual sales.

  • TenderLoin

    Isheeps are never convinced their junk are not favourable anymore..Cr apple shite!

  • Cory Ducey

    Honestly? You get just as much or more out of an android anyway. At a lower price to boot.

  • carlisimo

    Now that we’ve learned that only 370,000 Nexus 4s have been produced and sold, it’s hard to find any meaning in these numbers.

    • Droidzilla

      We actually haven’t learned that; that was a bit of conjecture on Nexus 4 16GB serial numbers done over at XDA. Read the XDA thread if you want to know; they’re all laughing at the tech press that’s jumping to conclusions on that story.

  • sam

    Wondering where blackberry stands ;)

  • PeriaShan

    cant believe that people are buying into crapsung devices such as Ace or S3 mini, but nothing against the Galaxy S3 and S2. Samsung’s popularity with these 2 devices is fooling people to buy any and all of their phones even when better phones of other brands are available for the same price. didnt expect iphones to perform so poorly, sympathies with them.

    nothing against Samung but i just hate the stupid design and UI of their phones

  • Darktanone

    What the heck does this mean? In the long run it seems pretty trivial and meaningless. Why even bother or am I missing something?

  • debian

    Thats not bad by iphone, they have the second place, with S2.
    Galaxy Note 2 is my first samsung smartphone, i didnt like S2 and the original Note becaue of the iphone-look design. If i dont like iphone then of course i do not like iphone copies also. I was happy when S3 came out, people said it was ugly but i said it was new and fresh and would do well. And i was right, its a great success and i think many people like the S3/GN2 design over the depressing outdated halfdead iphone design of S2/GN1.

  • LarryVandemeer

    I will only be satisfied when Apple is dead last….