Use a smartphone? You’re probably voting Obama!

by: Ankit BanerjeeJuly 11, 2012

Flickr/White House

Politics, and all of its “nuances” has always been a fascinating subject to me. I don’t get into the inner workings of political systems around the world, but at least skim the headlines to stay up to date with daily occurrences in US politics. To be honest, I get all my political news from “The Daily Show” and “The Colbert Report.” Does that still count?

Here is a report that could have easily originated from either of the previously mentioned shows. According to a recent poll:

If you own and use a smartphone, you’re more likely to vote for current President Barack Obama rather than Republican nominee Mitt Romney.

The Harris Interactive poll, sponsored by Velti, a mobile marketing technology provider, shows that 49% of iOS and Android smartphone owners would vote for Obama, as opposed to 31% for Romney. Granted, a test base of just 800 smartphone users isn’t close to being a big enough test base, and the results are maybe far from accurate.

Before these poll results spark a political debate along the lines of “I have a smartphone but I’m still voting for Romney” or “No smartphone but Obama FTW!” , let me just say that polls like these should be taken in good humor. Yes, smartphones allow people to stay connected always and on top of all the latest happenings around the world. But I’m not sure how much your device preference shapes your political associations. I am guessing little to none.

That being said, the U.S. elections are right around the corner and other polls have both candidates neck-and-neck, so we are definitely going to see an exciting finish.

What are your thoughts? Do you own a smartphone and will vote for Obama? Do you own a smartphone and will vote for Romney?  Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Mike Minor

    Have Smartphone check
    Voting for Obama check
    Looking for good options check

  • rawdvs1

    If you are voting for Obama, then your smartphone is obviously smarter than you are…

  • Eric McBride

    Obama baby!

  • aintnoway

    Smartphone users voting for Obama? That certainly takes the “smart” out “smartphone”!
    How do people come up with crap like this?

  • twogun

    Please tell me that you are attempting to emulate the Onion??

    If you REALLY get your political news from the Daily Show and Colbert, you need serious help…….elections have consequences – and you may not know it, but YOU (ALL of us) are in the crosshairs of the last one……

    It’s time to get serious……

    • Ankit Banerjee

      Yes I was kidding. Like I said, I do keep up with current politics and obviously not only based on satire.

  • Che Cook

    Um, no. I have a smart phone. This is not to be confused with an isheep device.

  • i don’t take polls seriously, especially political. too easy to manipulate statistics to justify a particular outcome for an organization, paid or unpaid.

  • blarelli

    Since I am not a world class douchebag, I think I’ll actually vote with somebody who shares a lot of my ideals. This of course means that I have to go vote third party.