US Cellular now offering unlimited 4G LTE data plans

by: Joe HindyNovember 19, 2012

US Cellular
Over the last few months, we have seen a shift in 4G data plans. Not even six months ago, Sprint was the only big carrier to give unlimited 4G data. Of course, their LTE isn’t available nationwide yet. However, people with WiMAX phones can still enjoy unlimited data. Not long ago, T-Mobile joined the unlimited 4G data train. Smaller carriers like MetroPCS have begun their own unlimited 4G data campaigns. Now, US Cellular joins the hunt.

While US Cellular has a nationwide footprint in terms of phone and text service, their 4G data is still kind of sparse. According to their coverage map, there are blips of 4G scattered around the eastern, central, and western United States. Having a 4G unlimited plan will be great for people in those areas.

The plans themselves are simple. For $40 a month, customers can have unlimited data. That’s $10 more than T-Mobile’s data package and $30 more than Sprint’s mandatory $10 unlimited data add on for smartphones. In terms of overall pricing, they all fall into the $89.99-$109.99 range. If you’d like unlimited 4G tethering, it’ll run you an extra $20.

Will US Cellular gain some market share with unlimited 4G?

Well, they are certainly going to try. Their plans are competitively priced with other national carriers, so they likely won’t get people to switch based on price. In areas where their 4G service is, they may be able to get customers off of AT&T and Verizon, who still don’t have unlimited plans.

Unlimited data is always a positive thing when it comes to deciding which carrier to select. Now US Cellular is among those where customers don’t have to worry about overages. Does this make US Cellular a more viable option for your service? Let us know.

  • No iPhone, so who cares really?

  • webfellow1

    US CELLULAR just told me the $200 Samsung Galaxy 3S phone I bought my son for Christmas will NOT work with Sprint and US Cellular said it’s mine to keep!!!. I was at the US Cellular store 2 days ago looking to buy 2 new phones and the salesperson was such a rude dude I didn’t buy them thank whatever God you pray too!. US CELLULAR IS OUT OF BUSINESS in 90 DAYS. mARCH 22 2013 + 90 DAYS YOUR US CELLULAR PHONES WILL NOT WORK AND YOU ARE STUCK WITH THEM. Thank you US Cellular for being so honest. You have stole millions of dollars from unsuspecting people. Don’t trust US Cellular. If you live in Chicago to Saint Louis and have US Cellular your phone will stop working in 90 days and you are screwed. Please check it out if you don’t believe this.

    • Daniel Hamilton

      No phone from any carrier works on any other carrier. Tell Congress if this upsets you. You have a perfectly good S3 on a decent carrier – enjoy it.

    • Steve Hektoen

      I’ve been with US Cellular since July of 1990….wouldn’t consider switching. I have the Note II…it replaced the S3 that locked up all the time….they replaced it freebie after 10 months of use….no questions asked…I gave it to my wife and bought the Note….which btw the battery lasts MUCH longer than the S3.