Now that the US big guys have all announced their plans for the Galaxy S3, you might have already decided what carrier to get the phone from. And although I personally don’t know many people that prefer US Cellular, the nation’s sixth largest telco, you might want to take note of their offer too.

As on all the other carriers in the United States, the Galaxy S3 will be available from US Cellular starting at $199.99. That’s for the 16 GB version, of course, while the 32 GB model will go for $249.99, which is also on-par with what all the other carriers are planning to charge for Sammy’s new flagship.

US Cellular’s pricing, however, depends on mail-in rebates, both for phones purchased online and in physical stores. You should therefore be prepared to pay $299.99 and $349.99 upfront for the S3, with 100 bucks making their way back to your wallet after purchasing the phone.

Both the 16 and 32 GB S3s from US Cellular can be bought in “Marble White”, while the “Pebble Blue” finish is only available for the first of the two versions. Samsung’s new Galaxy phone is not already up for pre-order at the regional carrier, but that’s set to change in the next hours.

June 12 is the pre-order starting date, but only online, while US Cellular stores don’t have an official date stamp announced just yet. As for shipping dates, we don’t have anything official to report right now, but rumors state that Galaxy S3s ordered from the regional carrier will make their way to your doorsteps sometime in July. If that proves to be true, US Cellular S3s will come later than the Sprint and AT&T versions of the phone, but they could come at around the same time with the  Verizon models.

US Cellular will be selling the same Galaxy S3 version as all the other carriers in America. You’ll therefore get a dual-core Qualcomm Snapdragon S4 processor instead of the quad-core Exynos chip powering the international version of the phone, 2 GB of RAM and 4G LTE connectivity.

You probably know the rest of the tech specs by heart by now, so I’m not going to recap them, but if you need a quick refresher, check out this link right here.

Are there any readers who’d buy the S3 from US Cellular, instead of one of the more popular carriers? Are you satisfied with the US Cellular’s prices, models, and release date timeline? Let us know below!

  • Jpilgram2010

    I am a happy customer of US Cellular and must say I’d prefer the USC S3 over any other carriers like Sprint or Verizon. AT&T is just garbage imo, with horrible customer service and just as bad signal. I always have quality signal with USC wherever I go, even when I’m “roaming”, I use quotes because it states I’m roaming on my phone, yet it never feels like it. The rewards program is a bonus plus, since I can get the S3 for nothing because of my saved points. Speed wise I haven’t seen much difference between it and the other carriers, except maybe Verizon.

  • Larry

    I will probly upgrade to the galax y s3/us
    Cellular the minute it’s ready! Can’t wait but
    I want the 32g in blue.

    • Bozz

      If I were you I would just buy the 16gb version and buy a 32gb or 64gb micro SD card for $70 on ebay/amazon. Then transferring things are easier and if you ever got a phone in the future you could just pull out the sd card and move it to the next phone without having to pay an extra $50 every time you got a new phone! Just a thought :)

      • Bigtiger

        some of the android apps will only download to the phone memory and not the SD micro. I recomend the 32 gb phone and the 64 gb micro SD

        • Bozz

          really? how do you know what apps will download to the phone and what will to the SD card?

  • Benthehuffman

    Heck yeah… Every major phone has gone to verizon or at&t so I’m glad to see this. It’s nice to see a high end smart phone available at my carrier

  • Vikas_Verma
  • Andy

    I pre-ordered by S3 this morning! Can’t wait! So glad US Cell finally gets a NEW Phone about the same time as everyone else – I figured it would be at least a year before they got the S3!

  • Whitetailjedi

    For the money, us cellular just dropped the price of the electrify by 50 bucks. Unless you absolutely have to have 4g this is the way to go. I am totally in love with my Electrify it blows everything ive had in the past out of the water inc. the S2. After reading the reviews there is no reason to spend the extra dough, its all hype. Its also one of if not the best looking phone out there. Samsung and apple phones look pretty blaaaah. If you put a samsung in one hand and an Electrify in the other, there is no doubt wich one your going home with guranteed!

  • Mike

    I’m incredibly happy us cellular is beginning to compete with the big boys. I have absolutely nothing bad to say about their service after using being a customer for over 9 years I would recommend them to anyone, even though their phone selection was somewhat lacking, until now that is. They have outstanding customer service, if you have a problem they have a solution. If your in the market for a carrier this is the company i would go for.

  • dankasnitzel

    US Cellular may be smaller but the connectivity is great, customer service is far beyond anything you will get from the “big 4” and everyone from the sales reps to the techs make sure you’re happy before you go. They also won’t sell you crap you don’t need and actually go out of their way to find you the best fit/pricied plan for your needs. Hell, I’ve even got $25 discounts from them just becaause I wasn’t having a good day! I’ve used most of all the other carriers and will never go back unless USCC goes out of business or it becomes physically inpossible for me to stay with USCC. Been a customer for the last 8 years.

  • Annakp739

    US Cellular is great. I am definatley getting the S3 through them!!!

  • EXcingularengineer

    Absolutely!!! AT&T service & customer service sucks pig scrot & Verizon’s service, while excellent, is a bit costly. US Cellular’s service has been quite good, customer service excellent, and pricing is pretty fair. They might not be first, but when the release it, its right. Their decision to steer way clear of apple’s crappy iphone is very wise. Can’t wait for my Galaxy S3!!

  • DB

    i will definitely be sticking with U.S. cellular and pre-ordering this phone. I have been a USC customer since 2000, had my ups and downs with the company but ever since they started the “Belief Project” i have been nothing but satisfied with their service. No contracts, phone upgrades every 18 months (with available rewards points for faster upgrades), and great service and connectivity in the midwest. Can’t wait for this new phone.

  • notaveragegurl

    I HATE the mail in rebates…with most carriers this can be avoided . I have been shopping around and I am going to switch my carrier. US Cellular is usually the last to have all the new phones for once they are up to par with the rest of the carriers

  • Impatient77

    Getting very impatient waiting for my preordered USC S3 to come. I preordered on June 12th and the company still has no idea when I will be seeing my $320… I have friends who got theirs days after ordering. It’ll be 4 weeks tomorrow.

  • randyw

    Have been with US Cellular for several years and have been very satisfied with the company and service. Better coverage in my area of North Carolina.

  • Darrell

    I purchased the Motorola Electrify from US Cellular back in March. Prior to owning the Electrify, I owned The Blackberry Bold ( very disappointing phone ). I am completely satisfied with my Electrify and don’t plan on changing anytime soon. The Electrify os a great phone, and puts Blackberries to shame! So, forget about the Galaxy S111, I’m sticking with my electrify!

  • Fujiman

    Been with U.S. Cellular for more than 8 years after dropping AT&T (because their pricing was killing me and I was getting tired of getting dropped calls) and have been very happy. I have traveled the country a fair amount and the coverage has always been good, their pricing is good, and the service has always been top notch. Pre-ordered the phone online in June and received it in about 3 weeks.