galaxy s4 vs xperia z s4 s voice aa

Today Sammobile has shared its first look at Samsung’s updated S Voice application, as part of the company’s upcoming revision to its Touchwiz interface and accompanying software. Leaks of updated versions of Samsung’s S Health and WatchON applications have appeared recently as well.

For those who don’t own a Samsung handset, S Voice is Samsung’s voice control app, similar to Google’s own voice command software or third party apps like Vlingo. The new version of S Voice is expected to appear in upcoming devices, such as the hotly anticipated Galaxy S5.

Before we touch on the functionality, Samsung has clearly made a couple cosmetic changes to the app. Gone are the blues and drab greys from previous versions, instead Samsung has opted for a much brighter theme, the app now looks much “flatter” as well. Interestingly, the pastel color scheme and flat design shares many similarities to Samsung’s new Magazine UX user interface, so perhaps the new Touchwiz will looking something like this as well.

Samsung S Voice old vs new

Out with the old (top) in with the new (bottom). Although we can’t tell if the update is purely cosmetic or if Samsung has included any new features.

First reports indicate that the new S Voice is a fair bit faster than its predecessors, in terms of voice detection. However, it appears that the app is still lagging behind Google’s offering when it comes to distinguishing between accents.

It’s difficult to say if Samsung has added much in the way of new commands or functionality, the options appear much the same as the current version, but we should know more about Samsung’s updated software in the near future.

Robert Triggs
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  • vgergo

    Purely cosmetic. A nice update on the other hand would be to remove this garbage from their phones completely. Can’t see any need for it with a complete and superior solution sitting next to it called: Google Voice Search.

  • Tanner Hoyt

    Wow. That looks way better. Hopefully the functionality is improved as well.

  • Ben

    Too bad S-Voice is a piece of rubbish

  • Awesome Design. Now just improve phone design and you will have a Winner!

  • Ihatehipsternerds

    When i hear someone comparing Goggle Now and S-Voice, that by itself shows how stupid the person is. First Google Now is a predictive feature while S-Voice is a hands-free feature to control your phone and perform basic functions and searches.
    Also the other funny thing is that Google/Nexus fans think they’re better than Samsung fans. At the end of the day both groups are pathetic. Both companies don’t give a $h!t about you, then just want to make money from you.

    • fredphoesh

      Google Now is a predictive feature?? Hmmm perhaps you misunderstand. You can set calendars, open apps, call people, get navigation instructions etc etc. Perhaps your misplaced anger needs intelligent insight.

  • bob

    how can somebody make smth this ugly?

    on the other hand, the whole android is ugly as shit, geez

    for geeks, by geeks

    • Ihatehipsternerds

      Then what are you doing here or is appleinsider site down at the moment?

      • bob

        i follow all technology. and it makes me sad when people dont get that technology is for humans, not for technology for itself. and, we, humans, are visual creatures, we like nice things, well, some of us at least. some just dont have taste, or eyes…

        crossroads of technology and liberal arts, remember?

        great technology needs to be in a great enclosure, not in some plastic POS so some poor/cheap fucks from i dont know where can buy it. maybe if everyone made ‘expensive’ phones, they wouldnt be so expensive anymore, economy of scale.

        but ugly mistakes in software… like this… that i cannot understand. but like i said. lack of taste and/or eyes.

        • Ihatehipsternerds

          OK, seems like you can’t even stay on the topic which you started and also which wasn’t even relevant to the article. By the way you were talking about the whole of android being ugly.

          • bob

            yes, whole android being ugly, along with the phones it comes in. then i sort of explained why building a nice phone may be more expensive. so now we have a reason why 99% of phones look ugly as hell. nice phones are harder to make, thus more expensive. and when you realize android is in it for the race to bottom, it all becomes crystal clear.

            but ugly mistakes in software are inexcusable. or is nice software more expensive to make? that would explain a lot of things. google doesnt make money from android, so why would they make it nice if its more expensive? for them, its just a platform for selling ads to other companies. google doesnt view us as a costumers. hence why all the ‘effort’?. that also explains why youtube still uses flash…

            my god, the more i think about google…

          • joser116

            There are some Android phones that are as good or better designed than the iPhone. There are some that have even looked better than the iPhone. You are talking like if every Android phone is cheaply made. And you can’t really say Android is ugly, Android has many skins that suits anybody’s tastes. Even The Verge and other tech sites have called Android beautiful. IF you are just saying Android is ugly because of these new screenshots, this is just one application that is not even a part of Android.
            I do agree with you, though, that if everyone made fine, high quality phones, maybe the prices will come down and everyone will have nice phones. Although, to be honest, anyone today can get a nice phone at a lower price than ever before thanks in part to the Nexus program and of course Moto G.

          • bob

            please tell me which one? link to the verge article? im honestly interested. because google lacked taste in animations, typografy and overall looks until now. maybe smth new came out?

          • joser116

            Galaxy S2, Moto X, LG G Flex, Nexus 4, HTC One, especially the One X, and many other beautiful phones that I have seen. As for the article, look for it yourself. They have recently said it and many other times, plus, they are known to lean toward Apple.

          • bob

            all of those phones are made from plastic… a big turnoff

            except htc one. but we all know thats just another look-a-like, especially if you pay attention to the antenna system. and it happened after that licensing agreement…

            the question still stands. is there anyone in the industry who cares about looks? except you know who…

            technology AND liberal arts… not one vs another.

          • joser116

            Look-a-like?! haha, are you serious?
            And it isn’t even cheap plastic, it doesn’t even matter if its plastic
            The phones are beautiful, compared to the bezeltastic iPhone.

          • bob

            look at the pictures again. appearently, you didnt look or see…

          • joser116

            what pictures?

          • bob

            of phones you claim are good looking. but remember, good enough isnt good looking… i hope you guys dont have the same criteria towards women :P

            people who buy android are actually drunk and they see through beer goggles :D its good enough they say! haha just joking ofc

          • joser116

            I see you’re resorting to insults.
            And hahaha thats funny, we say similar things about you guys (you guys are blinded by Apple’s blitz and marketing since Steve Jobs).
            And of course I have seen the pictures. Even many reviewers have called these phones gorgeous, especially the “jewel” Nexus 4, HTC One, and HTC One X. I believe it was the general consensus that the HTC One X was EVEN better looking than the bezeltastic iPhone.And some were also saying that the HTC One’s build quality surpassed the iPhone’s.
            Dude, you got so many companies making Android phones, of course some are bound to be better looking.

          • Flip Jumpman

            Like you, I lust for aluminum and sometimes wrap myself in tinfoil and play kick the can.
            I think plastic phones are stupid. That’s why I wrapped my iPhone 5c in aluminum foil. Screw plastic cases too!

            We are one bob.

          • Xing

            It makes me sad to see that you are devoting so much of your time to insult android, please return to your primitive tribe, and continue to pick apples. :)

          • joser116

            Although he MIGHT be an Apple guy, you have to notice that he didn’t really mention Apple or iPhone anywhere in his comments. I guess anything that goes against Android, we automatically assume it’s an Apple guy o.o

  • Jaun Lombard

    really looking forward to the S5…new phone with updated apps and UI…just the thing Samsung need at the moment!

    • joser116

      In my opinion, all they need is a metal construction.

      • fredphoesh

        And a lag free phone! sgs4 still lagscompared to nexus 5… Which is much smoother.

        • joser116

          yeah I know, but I think that even if they just changed the construction, people would be all over it

  • fredphoesh

    I thought Samsung were stopping their lame copies of Google apps in exchange for the Motorola split???

  • Jayfeather787

    I prefer Google Now over this. S voice sucks, I’ve heard.

    • Mary H

      If u don’t own it how can you make a true comparison, and say GN is what you prefer? Otherwise it’s someone else’s opinion being shared. Maybe those people like it now.

      Jus sayin.