Update rolling out for AT&T’s Galaxy S4

by: Kyle WiggersJuly 9, 2013

Samsung Galaxy S4

Update ahoy, AT&T Samsung Galaxy S4 users! Coming hot on the heels of new software Samsung rolled out to German variants of the Snapdragon Galaxy S4 last week, the firmware update for the U.S. carrier contains a number of enhancements owners have been clamoring for, including (but not limited to) a reduced memory footprint and expandable app storage via SD card. The update also incorporates support framework for Samsung’s enterprise security platform, Knox, which should be music to the ears of those at companies with “bring your own device” policies.

Other notable improvements include the camera app, which has been updated to support HDR video, and a toggle for Smart Pause. A few minor U.I. tweaks are present, also: the status bar is now semi-transparent, and the Settings app contains new icons.

Here’s the full changelog:

  • New Camera firmware
  • Smearing issue has been fixed (Purple effect while scrolling)
  • Smart Pause Toggle
  • Move Apps to SD Card
  • HDR Video (Can record HDR video)
  • Semi-transparent status bar
  • New Icons in Settings
  • Secure boot status (About Phone)
  • Increase legibility (Display) (New feature)

The update is 357 MB is size, and is available for download through Samsung’s KIES desktop software or OTA (over-the-air).

  • LD

    How about AT&T S3?

  • jaydub110

    Does this update include the GS4 Active ?

    • Kyle Wiggers

      As far as I’m aware, no.

  • Douglas Darden

    Has anybody been able to get this update yet? I’ve looked and it’s not there.

    • Arsene Eliacin

      Did you ever find the update yet?

      • Brazen

        If you’re still looking for the update for AT&T GS4 at home screen pull down screen and click on settings wheel. Next click on about device at bottom. Next click on check for updates. The update is about 357 mb. It will update OTA on wifi only. Good luck!

  • deepen03

    just got the update! AWESOME!

  • Jeremy Haggard

    Update hit my ATT GS4 at 6pm CST.

  • Ramon

    Where is a single update for the s3 ??? AT&T this better be a HUGE update over all the carriers and not that trashy Useless bloatware!!! that i haven’t even opened!!

  • wesleyquach

    There’s slightly more bloatware now too. There’s a Battery Manager app that’s just a shortcut to your Battery info, and a Data Manager app that’s just a shortcut to your mobile data usage.

    The camera app has forced closed on me twice.

  • Arsene Eliacin

    Still can not find the update. Help please, anyone. And I hav the S4

  • MTBiker

    Downloading mine now from AT&T! 11:00PM Eastern 7/10/13.

  • Manpreet

    The battery life of my S4 has declined significantly ever since I installed the software. I am really upset about this issue. I end up charging my phone 2 or 3 times a day now. Has anyone else encountered this issue too?

  • Nikk

    Update today

  • Gianpiero Gaeta

    i can’t find the update