Update Iconia Tab A100 to Ice Cream Sandwich [Official ROM]

by: Richard GutierrezFebruary 23, 2012
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Acer Iconia Tab A100 users will be happy to know that there will be an Ice Cream Sandwich update in their device, thanks to vache of XDA Developers forum who found the leaked firmware. Now if you don’t know how to update your Iconia tab A100 Firmware don’t worry, just follow the simple steps below.


  • Make sure that your device battery is charge at least 60%
  • Backup your device data into your computer.
  • Turn on USB Debugging, on your homescreen tap Menu> Settings> Application> Development. Then, make sure that USB debugging is checked.


  • Acer Iconia Tab A100
  • USB Data Cable
  • Computer
  1. First, download the Acer_AV041_A100_0.002.00_WW_GEN1.zip to your computer.
  2. Then, rename the file to update.zip
  3. Next, connect your device to the computer using your USB Data Cable.
  4. Copy the update.zip file to the root directory of your SD card.
  5. Disconnect your device and turn it off.
  6. Go to recovery mode: press and hold the Volume up + Power button.
  7. Once you’re in the recovery mode, it will automatically flash the update.zip file and reboot.

When your Acer Iconia Tab A100 boot up it will be running in Ice Cream Sandwich, Enjoy!


  • Fueschar

    Will this way to update also work for the a500? I see this have two downloads in xda..

    • RK

      How do I undo this process? I am thinking I want the official ICS update n then onto JellyBean..

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  • Todd

    trying this thanks,, where am I copying the file ? external SD? which directory?

  • Yanksrock1000

    finally some instructions….! :)

  • Yanksrock1000

    what is the root directory of my sd card??

  • David Ledermann

    This is great news… Will update my Acer A100 right away

    • Eric Zaba

      I’m 12 so I don’t know much about rooting or anything does this work for Gen 2 Acer a100s ?:-) good day.

  • David Ledermann

    made the update and everything worked as it should :-)

  • Todd

    guys does the device have to be rooted??

    • Mchamp23


  • razruser

    Where is the root directory of the SD card? I have it renamed to update zip and place it in the SD card as wella s the external mounted SD card. But when I press the power + volume up , nothing happened. It just goes on to boot into the original honeycomb OS, but did not flash into ICS 4. Does any one here knows why is it like that?

    • poplopez

      You named it update.zip and you are rooted and the file is on your SD card not in a folder right? You have to be rooted first. if your not Google how to do that first and then follow the steps.

  • Jason

    i am in the middle of it updating now. thanks!!!

  • 360silent

    does it have to be rooted

    • Mchamp23


  • poplopez

    Holy smokes! Thank you so much for posting this ROM. Every a100 user should immediately install this. This fixes so many issues with this little bastard. The swiping and selecting issue is gone. When you swipe you do not accidentally select things. I had to reinstall Netflix but then it worked better than ever before. I am not sure how but the sound and viewing angles seem better and the tablet works noticeably faster. Only been using it for a few hours but it is night and day. Note: you have to install it on the External SD Card and my device appears to still be rooted after install. Thank You !

  • razruser

    I have rooted my AI00 and I have also copied the file and rename it to update.zip inside the external SD card. When I press power and volume up at the smae time, it starts recovery adn stops immediately on a page showing the android green dummy animation icon with an “x” inside and the flashign stop at that point. Does anyone have this problem ?

    • Dothomps1

      I’m having the same issue. I’m using the US version Gen 2. Can anyone answer whether or not this Gen 1zip is supposed to work?

      • Steve Micke1965

        i am having the same issue.

  • mobileuser

    When I tried to flash the zip file, the recovery process starts and stop where it shows a green andriod dummy with an exclamtion mark inside. Can anyone tell me how to proceed from there?

    • Same thing happened to me, but as poplopez said, need to copy it to the root of the external_sd card no the internal one. I had a 32gb inserted, which is the external_sd card . I tried copying it to the root of internal_sd but it would just show the android with cogs first and then the exclamation mark. But putting it on the external sd did the trick for me :).

  • Jfswaby

    I started the update, and it now say “Tablet Configuring..” . It swears it will reboot when done. How long does it sit at this screen? It has been on it for at least 10 minutes?

  • G_pay20033

    This is awsome! Acer is taking too long to push out the update. I think the browser is a little slower loading pages than the old one. The update worked great on my a100 gen2 US edition.

  • Carlos Rodriguez

    This worked! Awesome Thanks!

  • DAdams

    WOW! Thank you sir! That was easier than I thought it would be.