Android 2.3.4 Update for LG Optimus Black Now Available

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 26, 2012
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For LG Optimus Black users who have been patiently awaiting an update, the Android 4.0 is not yet available. Instead, an update for Android 2.3 Gingerbread has started to roll out and is currently available in India and some parts of Europe. It won’t be too long before other markets will get the update too.

Once users get to update their smartphone’s OS, they will be using Android 2.3.4. While other competitors are already gearing up for the latest Android 4.0 OS, the Ice Cream Sandwich, the Optimus Black is still getting the Android 2.3 update. Even though it is a little outdated, it is still a lot better than Android 2.2 Froyo.

This LG Optimus Black update comes with a pretty decent line of bug fixes and some improvements on features such as widgets, shortcuts, active app management, camera geo-tagging ability, icons, updated calendar, app groups, better auto focus camera capability and more.

Most importantly, LG claims that this new update will promote a better power management on the units and will also provide compatibility with a wider scope of audio file formats such as MPEG 4, H.263 AVC, and AAC.


If you’re an LG Optimus Black user, what do you think about the update?

  • Kris

    Im in New Zealand and have been promised gingerbread for months now…LG has said its this month, then the next etc still no idea. Im sure this is the case for anywhere outside of India or Europe. LG said it would be available 01/12 and its Feb tomorrow! Slack!

    • Apod

      in Europe is not available either. Today I checked again. I called even to LG’s info line. It did not help. They don’t have an idea when. I need to use mpeg4 for IPcameras and still I am waiting…

  • Rajeshmk2011

    my post from

    i am from indai. I have updated my OP Black from android 2.2 v10d to v2.3.4 v20b .The smartshare app is updated and now supports to set “To” device to mobile phone.It works ok.But playing some mp3 files it just keeps buffering and hangs.Then i need to reboot.I spent a bunch of time to figure out why some mp3 play nice and some not.And now i figured out the reason.The reason is the mp3 which are crashing are having stero type channels and those working are
    having joint stereo .The songs which with smartshare crashed, play well if copied directly to sd card.i even installed skifta from market which is dlna certified ..but it also crashes.

    A point to notice is when i was on 2.2v10 i used skifta as smartshare didnt allow to set “To” device as mobile.But in 2.2 v10d skifta did not crash for any mp3 ..Something is broken in this 2.3.4 v20b.

    The type of mp3 channels can be seen by gspot software.

    Also one more point is that when i converted the crashing mp3..stereo mp3 to joinstereo the mp3’s played nicely in 2.3.

    Please fix this.As of now i m planning to rollback to 2.2 again by going to service station as i use this feature too much .

    Also would like improvements in this app like allowing different audio/video player to play video there are nice video player in market ..i use MX Video player as nice gesture controls.

    • Sumanth Sanjiv

      Rajeshmk2011 ..May I know how you got the update to v2.3.4 v20b? I want to upgrade my phone too.

      • Rajeshmk2011

        using lg mobile update tool can get it from the lg website..;
        the tool will do online update.Or else you may go to lg service station

  • Guest

    Good going LG. Take a brand new, state-of-the-art device… and waste time/money “updating” it from an extremely old OS… to a very old OS. Good idea.

  • Bboy-000

    I am from saudi arabia.and there is not any update for lg optimus black.
    and still wating.

  • Granro01

    What do we think?? We think its a lot of bull shit. Kris is correct, they have been just promising something they can not fulfill. No wonder they are lagging behind Samsung..

  • Sam

    I have had 2 lg phones now. gt540 and p970. both have poor software updates and in London still awaiting update. From the comments sounds like update was a disaster in India . this is the last time i am buying an lg. fedup of the buggy software.

  • Mataniagila

    I agree still outdated updates calling L.G is it possible or can wait ICS version

  • Nelles_angeline

    were can i download this?

  • Don Solano

    after update, my flac player doesnt work anymore, also my bluetooth wont turn on

  • Bojangles

    They need to get Ice Cream Sandwich already this update is not bad but is way to far behind

  • Bakes

    Come on LG do something. I’ve updated my android version to 2.3.4 and it still looks the same for me. I have also loaded the “go app” from the market and installed the v4.0 theme and cant wait to have the real v4.0 on my Optimus.

    Come on man you have to do something,

  • pop

    worse phone i ever bought. wish i didn’t get it.
    doesn’t want to recharge, only last 1 day with no usage. no help from lg, you pay top dollar for it and they treat you like crap. stay away from it.

    • SAM

      If you have been unlucky and you’ve got a broken phone that does not mean all phones LG Optimus Black is bad … Or maybe you’re stupid and you don’t know how to use a phone ….

  • roy

    Is this an update 4 ur phone?⅞

  • samm

    Problems with LG P970 gingerbread update

    Its now hard to select next track using the bundled LG headset by double clicking the talk button and while on lock screen it keeps on waking up/blinks every next track.

    The LG LED Notification App no longer works so you will have to check/open your phone now and then to see if you have new sms or missed call.

  • sj

    Thanks LG….:)
    Atlast i updated my forne from 2.2.2 froyo to 2.3.4 Gingerboard…….!!!!

  • Anonymouse

    Upgrading from froyo to gingerbread makes the phone a bit slow. Going to ICS on this phone doesn’t sound like a great idea.

  • PRG

    I have an LG P970 and yesterday i update the LG tool to the new LG PC SUITE and update my device to the new Android ICS (4.0.4), so i think my smartphone has a new life, completely diferent, so much cool visual and new amazing efects and options! Thanks LG