Android is sad

Android is sad

According to Digitimes, Acer chairman JT Wang has said that Acer’s upcoming Android powered netbook computers will actually ship with both Android and Windows pre-loaded in a dual-boot configuration.

To me, that seems to imply that they aren’t going to put as much effort into tweaking Android for netbooks as they could.  At least not right away.  The company appears to be hedging its bets, and in doing so it gives up the US$25 or $30 savings it could have gained by not loading a Microsoft OS.

This is a bit of a let-down.  The company could have offered Android netbooks for a fair percentage cheaper than Windows powered models, but now we won’t see that.  At least not right away.

The story later goes on to say that Wang did not rule out Android-only netbooks in the future, given enough demand.

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