October 7, 2009
Unofficial Verizon list

Unofficial Verizon list

A Gizmodo tipster has provided an (unofficial) document that allegedly lists 12 new upcoming phones from Verizon. This document appears to have been scanned in, but it is slightly unclear as to why. The document is certainly not an official Verizon product listing (unlike before), made evident from a mixture of the use of the first person, and terminology such as ‘about 12 new phones’. Why the tipster was unable to email this is information is unclear. Perhaps they were worried about Verizon auto-checking their work’s sent-email for certain key phrases and thus flagging it up as a leak? I guess it’s possible.

Either way, we are informed that we shall see two new Android devices before ‘Black Friday’, the Friday after Thanksgiving. This does marry up with Michael’s previous post summarising information from the Verizon and Google webcast. If one of these devices is a Verizon branded HTC Hero, then where does the Motorola Tao and HTC Desire fit into the picture?

James Tromans
Contributing editor of AndroidAuthority.com, based in the U.K.
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