Unlocked LG G2 available for pre-order; Verizon LG G2 sign up page published

by: Chris SmithAugust 14, 2013


The LG G2 does not have a clear U.S. release date yet, but the phone is already available for pre-order from one electronics retailer, while one carrier has published its LG G2 sign up page.

Negri Electronics is taking pre-orders for the unlocked LG G2 at this time, with the 32GB model retailing for $619.50. The company offers a September 27 estimated delivery date for the device, and the LG G2 is available in either black or white.

If full price is not an option for you, then you can always wait for the four major U.S. carriers to start selling the handset.

Verizon LG G2

Just like T-Mobile, Verizon has already published the sign up page for the handset, so you can leave your email with the carrier in order to be notified about the phone’s arrival.

Pricing details are not available for the Verizon LG G2 at this time, although it would make sense to assume the handset will retail for $199.99 with new two-year contracts.

Are you buying the LG G2? Will you go for an unlocked version or are you waiting for local operators to start offering it for subsidized prices?

  • OHAhhHhh

    lg g2 battery test on phonearena isn’t too good especially when playing games. I thought the adreno 330 was supposed to be 50% more efficient thant the adreno 320 from the s4 pro?

    • Xavier Dyer

      That’s for the Model with the 2610 battery which is only available in South Korea. The international version for the US is 3000 mah..

      • professorX

        I don’t know how much diff 400mah would make but yeah I thought qualcomm was saying the adreno 330 was way more efficient yet looking at the test result says otherwise. Makes me a little worried about the note 3 where the rumors right now says the battery isn’t going to be increased by much.

        • Xavier_NYC

          The note 2 was amazing and still is when it comes to battery life at 3100 mah and the LG G2 is 100 less with what they claim to be a more efficient snapdragon 800 processor. Plus LG says you should get 1.2 days worth of actual usage. Just have to wait and see

          • dd. ddd

            no the test on phonearena says the adreno 330 on the sd 800 uses way more battery. this is obviously false claims by qualcomm.

          • dr3am1n9

            sthe new G2 has a smaller screen than the note 2, plus a newer technology inside IE:adreno 330 and and optimized Qc 800 processor along with their IPS display supposely makes the device have a much long battery life there in for a phone in the same category. that’s what the att guy told me. I believe him because I have the G now from att and it has great battery life…. I’m so glad he told me the G2 was coming out! I almost got the G Pro which he said was better than the note 2 in every way! hardware and features!

      • tommyknockers

        the adreno 330 vs 320 I believe is the graphic processor not the battery which you are correct is 2600 for Asia and 3000mah for US.

  • Xperianss

    News on August 15, 2013 : goo .gl/QtZEzr


  • Jim

    It should also be noted that the unlocked version is for ATT/Sprint/T-Mobile. It is a GSM/HSDPA phone that will NOT work with Verizon (they use CDMA).

    • toddski

      Sprint is cdma too dickhole.

  • shokry

    I’m going to buy either an LG G2 or a Sony Honami from the US when I go there in october [both cases (unlocked)]… how could I make sure service will work in Egypt when I get back?? what should I look for in a phone to make sure it wont be just an awesome music player with a camera when I get back to Egypt??

  • Eddy

    For users interested primarily in specs and hardware, the G2 has plenty to offer. But for most smartphone shoppers, this phone is going to have a tough time standing out in the crowded menu of enticing Android options.