Unlocked Galaxy Note 3 reportedly coming to Best Buy on September 19

by: Chris SmithSeptember 17, 2013

Samsung Galaxy Note 3

The Galaxy Note 3 is already available for pre-order in the USA from various mobile operators, but customers interested in buying an unlocked version of the handset should know that Best Buy is also said to stock the handset soon.

According to a couple of leaked screenshots received by Sam Mobile, the retailer will have the unlocked Galaxy Note 3 in stock starting with September 19. However, this Best Buy launch date can’t be confirmed at this time, and we’ll remind you that Galaxy Note 3 should be released in the USA in early October according to the information provided by Samsung and its carrier partners so far.

The same screenshots indicate that the 32GB Galaxy Note 3 model will cost $999.99, although that’s not likely to be the actual price for the device, but more of a placeholder price.

Finally, the Galaxy Note 3 model listed by Best Buy is the N9000, which is the LTE-less Exynos 5 Octa version.

While you wait for official Best Buy Galaxy Note 3 launch details, you can check out our Galaxy Note 3 hands on videos from IFA 2013 in the playlist above.

  • K.

    Finally an author that has some common sense and not believing that $999 will be the real price of the device (not like the authors of the Z ultra articles who kept talking about the Amazon UK pre-order price as the actual price of the device, although other UK stores had it for much cheaper). Now, we just have to wait and see what the unlocked price will be.

  • Tulai Paul

    Good news, but not beyond expectations. Does the model support the mobile apps and games offered by appnext or adcolony?

  • mobilemann

    you can buy it unlocked from the carriers now, for $729. They ship earliest OCT 1st. I’ll be they are pissed off. I may cancel my preorder if i can get it 10 days earlier, just waiting for the catch, like ~ this will only work on my carrier with GSM or something…

  • TheRichard

    I looked on the best buy website, it say’s I can pre-order it and it say’s Friday, Sep. 27 for the release date.


    Nice comparisson Chris!. Every handy

  • Keg Man

    they mean carrier unlocked and not an unlocked bootloader correct?