Unlocked 32GB HTC One available for pre-order from HTC

by: Chris SmithApril 5, 2013


The HTC One is already available for pre-order in the U.S. from two of the three mobile operators that are going to carry it (AT&T and Sprint), but not all potential buyers will qualify (or want) to buy the handset with a new two-year agreement.

You could get the handset for T-Mobile, where it will cost just $99 off contract but with monthly installments, but the carrier does not offer the handset up for pre-order yet.

That’s where HTC steps in, to offer those customers an unlocked 32GB HTC One for pre-order. The phone can be purchased straight from HTC’s U.S. site and will cost $574.99. We’re looking at the GSM version here, which means the device will only work with either T-Mobile or AT&T SIM cards.

Developers interested in the handset should check the 64GB HTC One developer edition model that’s also available for pre-order and will treat you with an unlocked bootloader right out of the box. This model is also carrier-free.

Everyone else looking for a local HTC One deal should check out our HTC One buying guide. And while you wait for your HTC One delivery, make sure you check out our thorough review of the handset (the video review is available above).

  • Marc Ortiz

    Damn, I checked but I guess it doesnt has the 1700mhz band for HSPA+ on T-mobile. :(

    • T-Mobile is constructing a 1900mhz network very, very quickly. In major cities, this is not a barrier to buying the ATT version and putting a TMobile SIM card in it. You could also put a Straight Talk Sim card in it like many iPhone users are doing.

  • Thanks for posting this morning. I ordered the developer edition, can’t wait to get my hands on it.

  • joebarkho

    If the phone has the 700 band for LTE would that mean it would work on Verizon?