Want to build a mobile game? The Unity engine for mobile development is now free!

by: Brad WardMay 21, 2013

There is an explosive amount of developers already making games for mobile platforms, and hundreds of thousands more that want to make games for Android, iOS, etc. The problem? Not everyone can afford the tools needed to begin. There’s good news though, folks! Unity Technologies has made their Android and iOS package free of charge. The original $800 price tag has gone the way of the dinosaur.

Simply update Unity, and you’ll be able to publish your games and apps on Android and iOS in the build menu. Developers will be able to put their games on BlackBerry and Windows Phone 8 at no charge when they become available too.

The tools are free for independent developers and small studios. However, “companies and other “incorporated entities” (you know who you are) with a turnover in excess of $100,000 in their previous fiscal year are required to use our paid version,” Unity Technologies CEO David Helgason said.

A few years ago, Unity made their indie license free from $200. By doing that, their community grew from 13,000 developers to just shy of 2.2 million today. As a result, some breathtaking creations were released on the PC, such as Windward. Let’s hope something similar happens on mobile platforms now.

Now that Unity is free for Android, do you plan on creating a game on the successful mobile platform? Better yet, do you think this new step will boost mobile gaming in general?

  • Ruben

    In the video they say 13000 instead of 1300 ;)

    • Thanks for spotting that. Fixed it. :)

  • Abhijeet Mishra

    Awesome, no more do we need to wait for big companies like Glu or Gameloft for high-end graphics. Great move by Epic.

  • roland

    Unity feel threatened by other AAA 3D engine entering mobile market.

    competition is good, regardless.

  • That Google Play music changelog is the one from last week.

  • Is it just me or is Disqus bugging out? On this article I see comments from the article about Unity Engine going free for small businesses. I also see comments about this article about the updates to Google services.

    • Ugo Marceau

      I’m seeing it too. Hope it gets fixed soon, it’s pretty annoying

  • Peter Frazier

    the whole unity thing really has me excited.. its applying pressure to the market and we will all benefit from it

  • Uninstalled

    Well Google hasn’t rolled back Hangouts to GTalk yet, so I guess they haven’t listened to users yet. There’s a minor revolt going on in the Play Store comments. This has turned out to be the worst tech disaster since Apple Maps.