HTC on Tuesday unveiled the One, and only device that was presented during the London-New York event. We have thoroughly covered the handset today, looking at various of its new features, and now it’s time to check out the UltraPixel camera.

Essentially, HTC tried to reinvent the camera and instead of going for more megapixels it went for bigger ones, calling them ultra in the Process. HTC went for quality instead of quantity, or so it says, arguing that it’s time handset makers stopped increasing the number of megapixels of a handset’s main shooter and instead focused on other camera characteristics:

“We know that the industry, essentially, has been shipping this big fat lie” about megapixels, HTC’s Director of special projects, Symon Whitehorn, argues. Sensors that try to pack too many megapixels into too small of a space are “carrying a load of crap,” he says, in the form of “extraneous data that you don’t want.”

But then again that’s the same game HTC has been been playing for all these years as well.

The UltraPixel camera will get you just 4-megapixel pictures, but they’re said to be much better than regular pixels. The UltraPixels are similar to the ones found in point-and-shoot cameras and will get up to three times more light than the regular smartphone camera megapixels. Obviously, that means better shots in low-light conditions.

Moreover, the UltraPixel camera features optical image stabilization, just like the Nokia Lumia 920. And let’s not forget about Zoe, a feature of the UltraPixel camera that will let users simultaneously take short HD videos and high-quality pictures to offer them the best available shots.

Are you buying the HTC One for its UltraPixel camera?

  • MasterMuffin

    Nope, if you want a camera phone, wait for the next Pureview from Nokia rumored to come soon!

  • TonyPerez123

    Hmmmm,i would need to read a hands on review about this to be convinced

  • I think the phone looks great, and who knows about the camera, I am more interested in seeing how Sense operates.

  • Lara

    A LOT of people take shit pics anyway then post them on twitter or instagram (I don’t give a rat’s about FB, corporate slaves).

  • Habib

    Sony’s Cameras are the best :)

  • Lol@Ultrapixels. That’s just as asinine as a marketing moniker as Apple with their “Retina Display” – news flash, it’s just a MPx camera with a lower aperture and pixel count to let more light in through the lens. It’s just that they calibrated the camera optics, they didn’t fundamentally change anything about the technology used inside.

  • stuigi

    After they screwed me with Thunderbolt, I will NEVER buy HTC again

  • Timanth

    Yea the UltraPixel camera’s not all that good. I prefer my 8MP Samsung Infuse camera