UK’s Telegraph says HTC Dream is coming to T-Mobile UK

by: Darcy LaCouveeSeptember 8, 2008
Spaghetti Cat says

Spaghetti Cat says “Inconclusive”

Britain’s is reporting that the HTC Dream, likely the first Android based smartphone to hit the market, will be sold in the UK exclusively through T-Mobile UK. The Telegraph is reporting that the phone will be launched as “early as November”.

The story makes no mention at all of sources, anonymous or otherwise, and looks somewhat dubious. It mentions that the upcoming device will have a slide out QWERTY keyboard, though we have seen quite clearly that it is the display that slides out on the HTC Dream, not the keyboard. It also says that Google’s new Chrome browser is expected to be on the Dream, which Google has made no indication of, having hinted only that it is likely that Chrome will be available on future Android releases.

Overall, there’s little meat to the piece at all. It could, quite conceivably, just be a misinterpretation of the T-Mobile USA rumors that have been floating around for months.

[via TalkAndroid]