UK’s Three and O2 confirmed arrival of the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 later in the year

by: Bams SadewoAugust 31, 2012

There aren’t enough superlatives to describe the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 – well, maybe we just have to get a new dictionary. But anyway, you’ve seen our hands-on image gallery of the extraordinary phone and its impressive benchmark result. Now we’re sure you’re wondering how soon you can get your hands on one

Samsung has been rather coy about the Galaxy Note 2’s release date and price, though we do know that it’s coming to most markets in October and others before the end of the year. For those in the UK, here’s some information that Engadget has received from several carriers in the country regarding the phablet’s release.

Out of the five major mobile networks in the UK, only two so have confirmed that they’ll be selling the Galaxy Note 2 before the end of the year, Three UK and O2. The other three carriers (T-Mobile, Orange, and Vodafone) haven’t given any hints of whether or not they will be offering the Note 2.

As for the price, Vodafone Germany said that the Galaxy Note 2 will go for €639.90 without a contract. The UK price for the Note 2 may not differ that much. We’ll update you once we hear more from Samsung and UK mobile operators.

British folks, are you planning to get the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 when it’s out?

  • Geoff Carlin

    So we’ll be looking at around £500 after converting from Euros. Same as the S3.

    • Spacedog1973

      Which is a bargain

      • Geoff Carlin

        Agreed :-)

    • RambJoe

      That’s good news. :D I hope it has 4G though. Another thing is if it does have 4G on some carriers, would it still be 4G if I bought it from a third party?

  • mo2921

    I am a little let down by the new 1200X720 sereen on the Note 2 but unless the New Iphone is something really special I will be going for the Note 2 as soon as its out.