UK Samsung Galaxy Note 2 available now through one online retailer, next day shipping offered

by: Andrew GrushSeptember 28, 2012

UK Samsung Galaxy Note 2

Are you one of the many UK consumers impatiently waiting to get your hands on the Galaxy Note 2? If you really can’t wait until next week, you may not have to. That’s right, it seems that Unlocked-Mobiles is selling the Note 2 right now. According to the site, they can ship now and the successor to Samsung’s famous phablet could be in your hands as early as tomorrow.

It’s hard to say how or why UK Samsung Galaxy Note 2 devices have managed to make their way into Unlocked-Mobiles’ hands a week ahead of schedule. The asking price for the 16GB white version of the Note 2 is slightly higher here, at £545, versus the £530 price tag found at most other sites. The online retailer also has plans to sell the blue version of the phablet, but they don’t have it in stock yet.

The Galaxy Note 2 certainly is a major upgrade to the already excellent OG Note, now powered by a 1.6GHz quad-core Exynos with 2GB of RAM. The S Pen has also been redesigned and has many new features added to it. For a full list of hardware specs and features click here.

Any of our readers order the UK Samsung Galaxy Note 2 through Unlocked-Mobile? Let us know how the experience goes and whether or not you really are get it “next day” like they are claiming.

  • Several Swedish web stores got them for sale today to. (sept 28)
    Ordered mine today and it’s already been sent and will arrive on Monday (In Sweden they don’t get mail/post on sat/sundays)
    I wonder how long it will take until my younger brother back in Japan have to get it.(been in Sweden for like 3 years)

  • TechGuy

    White and Grey 16GB models were in stock earlier today from Amazon Germany

  • I want the Note 2. ;D