UI look and feel changing a bit in Android 1.5

April 15, 2009
    New Contact: Android 1.1 (left), Android 1.5 (right)

    New Contact: Android 1.1 (left), Android 1.5 (right)

    Romain Guy at the Android Developers Blog posted a little bit about some of the UI changes that we’ll see in Android 1.5.  In the image above, for example, you can see what the “New Contact” screen looks like on 1.5 (the right), and how it appears on the current 1.1 release that we’re used to.

    There will be other changes, but most of them will probably be subtle – or at least won’t break any existing applications.  The only thing that could cause developers trouble, it seems, is the new smaller minimum button size.  Basically, the smallest possible button is half as wide as it used to be, so that could screw up some apps.

    From what little we can see, it appears that the UI folks have smoothed the look of the buttons, as well.  The shadows are shallower, the buttons now looking to have an almost slightly domed, brushed metal look to them.

    Can’t wait to see the rest!

    New, smaller buttons

    New, smaller buttons