Ubuntu Linux finds its way to the ARM-based Samsung Chromebook

by: Robert NelsonOctober 23, 2012

Samsung introduced the latest generation Chromebook just a few days back. This is the ARM-based model, or more than likely — the one people know as the one that is selling for $249. Of course, given the price, the Chromebook is more than tempting. But low price aside, we realize that Chrome OS is not going to work for everyone. Me personally, I am still rocking a Cr-48 with Chrome OS and loving it.

I will say that I had been tempted to pull the plug on this latest model, however I haven’t fully convinced myself that it was a necessary purchase. And while this latest bit has not taken me to that place, it is making the Chromebook a bit harder to resist. You see, while I use OS X on a daily basis, I love Ubuntu. Yes, you guessed it, Ubuntu has been hacked onto the latest generation Samsung Chromebook.

That being said though, this is not for the faint of heart. And hacked is probably an accurate description at this point in time. Ubuntu was installed by Olof Johansson, a Googler, who recently spent some time playing during a “Hack your Chromebook” night. The process is detailed rather nicely over on Google+ and involves an SD card with Ubuntu and more than a bit of knowledge and comfort with Linux and using the command line.

I can say that even if I decide to move forward with a purchase, I will not be taking this route with Ubuntu. Nonetheless, Johansson did offer quite a detailed post with some directions and even noted that he hopes some others “carry the flag on getting this going nice and smoothly from here.”

  • Liz ℚuilty

    Personally, Chrome OS wouldnt work for me either, but my daughter only ever uses the browser so it would be ideal for her.
    I imagine there are others similarly great with just a browser or web based apps

  • Indian_Art

    I think dual-booting Ubuntu with Chrome OS will make it wholesome & complete.

    Samsung can sell 2 OS for the price of none & the off-line capabilities will be great. To make it even better Android can be the 3rd OS.

    Ubuntu + Android = Ubuntu for Android