Ubuntu Edge trademark shows up, could be the name of upcoming smartphone

by: Andrew GrushJuly 17, 2013

Ubuntu phone now being guided by an advisory group

At the beginning of the year Canonical announced its plans to take on the mobile OS market with a mobile version of Ubuntu. Since then, the project has continued to improve and has even made its way to numerous Android devices for testing purposes.

What about a stable, official build running pre-installed on a handset? Canonical previously suggested such a device would arrive sometime in early 2014. Now we may have a name to go with the first official Ubuntu phone, the Ubuntu Edge.

The news of the Ubuntu Edge comes to us from a trademark filing first discovered by Phandroid. According to the trademark, the Edge has something to do with downloadble software, computer programs, mobile telephone services, and tons of other phone-related terms.


Putting all of this together, we could be looking at the official name of the first Ubuntu phone. Of course the vague wording could also describe a Canonical mobile service, the official name for Ubuntu Touch, or really anything under the sun.

No matter what Ubuntu Edge turns out to be, at least this is a hint that Canonical is ‘edging’ ever closer to an actual stable release of Ubuntu for mobile.

What do you think, are you interested in the idea of Ubuntu on a mobile? Or are you perfectly content with the open-source, customizable experience already provided by Android?

  • gustav

    If Ubuntu phone is fully customizable (UI, desktop, kernel, background process, etc), then it can be a worthy opponent of Android.

    else don’t bother, stick with Android.

    • loveubuntu

      I’d bother. Security is my concern. I’d move to iOS or WP otherwise.

  • Magnetic1

    Window dressing has been held back long enough. Kde, gnome, etc… More players will be in the game to serve us the “just right fit” skin, wrapper or launcher, whatbever younwant to call it.

  • MasterMuffin

    They should release more source files so that we can actually try stable Ubuntu on Android before buying one

    • Michael Hall

      All of the source is already available, with the exception of a handful of proprietary Android drivers

      • MasterMuffin

        Then why some of the devs in XDA are saying that they need Ubuntu to release more files so that they can continue?

        • greg S

          Are you an XDA developer?

          • MasterMuffin


        • Michael Hall

          I don’t know, can you link me to those requests so I can find out what they’re missing?

        • loveubuntu

          Ubuntu touch beta has limited features.

          No IM App

          No music player

          No e-mail client

          No ‘App Store’

          No Ubuntu One app
          But its beta. Remember ? ;)

  • Nikolay Dimitrov

    I hope its supported on the majority of android phones and that it has duo sim card support ( my phone is the acer liquid e1)

  • sahand

    I love Ubuntu and the Ubuntu on everything idea, but if it isn’t more customizable and secure than Android, it can only be a good opponent for WP8.
    BTW having a REAL Linux on phone without Java APIs and other Java sh*ts will be a great experience .

  • thetruthisalie

    Could you imagine how responsive ANDROID could have been without the JAVA layer? Appz running in native mode…Can’t wait to see what modded do with this new found power.

  • badaveil

    I’ve often wondered what will become of the 3 icons button on the Android smartphone when Ubuntu phone is activated

  • Karel Brits

    If the announcement is indeed about their own first phone(s) and/or tablet(s), I would certainly try to switch from Android to Ubuntu if I can afford the money for a new device.
    I somehow expect a low buget and a high-end device of both a phone and tablet. But it’s still guessing until the official announcement comes.

  • Sébastien

    I found photographs in the files of ubuntu.com

    I have created a post a Google+ : https://plus.google.com/u/0/11

    Canonical is quickly realized, and access was restricted.

    So I saved pictures and I hosted them here : http://imgur.com/a/h22Fi