U.S. HTC One release date and pricing for AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile reportedly leaked

by: Chris SmithFebruary 14, 2013

htc one m7 press shot leak

A few weeks ago the international release date for the HTC One (M7) was leaked – March 8 – and now it looks like we have a launch date for the U.S. market as well.

U.S. HTC fans will apparently get the phone a couple of weeks after international buyers, with March 22 being the rumored launch date for the HTC One. The device will be available with all the four major carriers in the country, although HTC Source only mentioned AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile in its report.

The three carriers will launch the device under the same name, HTC One, which must certainly be great news for the company considering that the its predecessors didn’t have the same luck in the region. At the same time, Verizon could sell the device as the HTC Droid DNA Plus, or something like that, if a recent report is to be believed.

The HTC One will be available in two color options in the U.S., black and silver/white, and in two capacity versions, 32GB priced at $199.99 and 64GB priced at $299.99. Naturally, these are on-contract prices, so you can expect to pay more for the HTC One outright.

In addition to release dates and pricing, the source speaking to the publication also confirmed that the HTC One will feature a metal case and front-facing stereo speakers.

U.S. Android fans, are you buying the HTC One? What carrier will you be choosing?

  • vickyjay

    i really want htc to make it , they looking so bad ryt now ……………….

  • vickyjay

    They should have jx made it a 5 inch screen ………………

  • And the battery life is???? I notice no leaks or information on what continues to be HTC biggest negative.

    • closingracer

      pfft a crappy battery like all there other phones… I will never buy HTC unless A) they give me a mega huge battery at least 2500 or a removable battery B) please give me an micro SD card slot… I don’t care how big internal memory is if it don’t have a micro sd card slot ( my AT&T Samsung galaxy s3 which they only offer the 16GB has a lot more memory then this phone ( most 64GB phone options cost around 300 if there is a smaller option…) when I add in a 64GB microsd card)

      • ijks

        @closingracer – 100% agreed with you. With SD memory dropping in price extremely fast, I have so many of these cards laying around for my devices and cameras. I can UNDERSTAND why some phone makers don’t have removable batteries, but I really can’t understand why they don’t add in a SD card reader slot. So frustrating as a customer when the only real high-end hardware phone on the market that supports SD card slots and removable batteries is Samsung Galaxy line.

  • cod23

    T-Mobile HTC one for me please in silver 64GB thanks. :-)

  • Mobile Man

    HTC One battery life is battery than the DNA by 30%. the DNA’s isnt too amazing, better that what they have released. HTC hasnt really advertised a phone for a wile, this is their new standard.

  • DavidV

    I was one of the biggest HTC fan boy. got almost every models made from them since win6.5. but had to move to other device since they adopted this non-sense of taking away two major key features (removable battery and msd slot). I am still a huge fan of the HTC sense UI. Not because of the fancy looking skin. but for their proprietary HTC integration of the day to day functions like photo editiing, dlna sharing, email filter, etc. So now I can only hope that the xda cooks can port the ui over to other devices like the note 2. the S-pen is just so useful for many thing like digitally signing pdf, doc, and skatching creative ideas.