U.S. Galaxy S4 vs HTC One vs NVIDIA Tegra 4 fight in early benchmark comparison

by: Chris SmithMarch 15, 2013


Two of the most important Android handsets of the year aren’t even out in stores yet, the Galaxy S4 and the HTC One, but early benchmarks for these devices have already been performed and compared to the results of an important player in this year’s mobile processor business, NVIDIA’s Tegra 4 chipset.

Laptop Mag was able to benchmark the U.S. Galaxy S4 version – which packs a 1.9GHz quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon 600 processor under the hood – using AnTuTu Benchmark and found the device ready to outperform various contenders.

The Galaxy S4 scored a total of 21,089 points in the test, significantly higher than the Galaxy S3 (16,301,) the Galaxy Note 2 (17,531,) and the Nexus 4 (18,096). In our own AnTuTu benchmarks we found the U.S. Galaxy S4 to score even higher, almost 26,000 points (check out the following image).

The international Galaxy S4 version which will pack Samsung’s eight-core Exynos 5 Octa chip has not been tested, and it will be interesting to see the scores for this model too once they’re available.


According to Android and Me’s HTC One AnTuTu benchmark, the HTC One performs even better than the U.S. Galaxy S4 version tested by Laptop Mag, scoring slightly over 21,089 (an actual number has not been given.)


The same publication offers the comparison table above, including the NVIDIA Tegra 4 processor in the mix. While the processor is not found on any flagship Android device yet, and won’t be for some time to come, it’s very powerful, at least according to NVIDIA’s own benchmarks. The Tegra 4’s AnTuTu score is over 36,000, but we’re definitely looking forward to see the processor in actual user testing.

The same goes for the HTC One and the Galaxy S4, since we’re still looking at pre-release devices in these early tests, which means their performances can improve by the time they hit stores.

We’ll certainly be back with more Exynos 5 Octa vs Qualcomm vs Tegra 4/4i benchmark comparisons in the future, but in the mean time we’re curious what processor you’d choose for your next smartphone.

  • Nick Dion

    Lets all pray that the Tegra 4 is in the Xphone.

    • Cao Meo

      I read that Tegra 4 is power hungry and good for tablets, not phones

      • Appogee

        That’s what the Tegra 4i is for. Still, Qualcomm 800 has yet to be outed. I would be interested in the Adreno 330 specially with the numbers and performance numbers Qualcomm was boasting.

        • Shahar Amin

          for what i know im pretty sure in terms of gpu the power vr is still the most efficient and best, correct me if im wrong

      • Shatter Shatter

        The Tegra 4 is actually like 25% more power efficient than the snapdragon 800. Nvidia did a really nice job on the Tegra 4 now its just the waiting game to see how many phones use it when the tegra 4 comes out for phone later this year.

    • MasterMuffin

      And lets all pray that people don’t actually believe in these pre scores that go between 20000-27000!

    • exinos 5 will be upgraded for note 3. KLP will allow exinos to work faster. don’t judge HTC one and S4 till August/sept. we will all get a wider view of products then.

      • Mimbo

        Didn’t they cancel the Note 3, and opted to go for a lower quality Galaxy Mega series?

  • Miguel Angel Cadavid Parra

    I’m in the USA…


  • Guest

    HTC One all the way

  • lolhaha

    HTC One all the way… better design and louder speaker!

    • gagea

      Don’t judge too soon yet. The design is a little better, but we won’t know about the speaker yet.

      • lolhaha

        try checking it out on youtube and you will be impressed how loud it can be! http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=X0bTm5B6Hok

      • Marlon Milligan

        A shit load of reviews says otherwise

        • Jeroen teunissen

          can you show the negatieve audio reviews?
          I have been reading à lot of reviews, but almost all are very positieve, some reviews doubt of this is à useful option, but non questions the sound quality.

      • thereasoner

        He’s correct. The HTC ONE has two front facing speakers. One up top by the ear and the other at the bottom. Together they provide stereo like sound thats better than anything eles you will find on a phone.

      • Mārtiņš Belte

        I have tried out the HTC One and I can guarantee you that it is the best speaker I have heard so far on smartphones. ;)

      • Jared Persinger

        Yes the speakers are the loudest and the best that have been put in a smartphone right now

      • Jared Persinger

        Yes the speakers are the loudest and the best that have been put in a smartphone right now

  • uberDoward

    The Galaxy S4 has the Snapdragon S4 Pro – NOT the Snapdragon 600 found in the HTC One.

    • Will

      You need to check your facts. Every site has said that S4 has the 600. Check before you correct.

  • Faiz

    Wow the tegra 4 is pretty strong.

  • M.Beg

    Both will crash all the time as android is crash king.

  • hassan

    hey AA you spread wrong news this above pic that you had post is the U.S version GS4 that packed with S600 that scores above 26000 and blow away HTC one

    come and wait for octo-core one i will confirm say that it blow HTC one in its hell LOLX :P xD

    • Iram Ali

      I’m a Samsheep in self denial! Lol

  • twisted247

    These results are exactly why i aid i wouldn’t buy the gs4 since the state version carries the snap dragon600 which is obviously weak. Hitting 21k on antutu over clocked at 1.9.. my note2 hits 19,350+ and that’s not even with a kernel that pushes it to Max clock speed… people say benchmarks mean nothing. No they do mean something they are an indicator.

    • Bone

      The SD600 did the 25.900. It’s exactly as much stronger at 1.9GHz than the SD600 @1.7GHz on the One.

      • Iram Ali

        Samsheep alert

  • Kashkaw

    HTC One = 25000+ / GS4 U.S = 25000+ / GS4 International ( Octa) = 21000+

    • kascollet

      That’d be weird but it’s still possible because we don’t know the clock frequency used for the A15 cores in the Octa.

      • Thablacca

        The A15 Cores in the octa run at 1.6 and the Qualcomm processor run at 1.9. The Qualcomm processor should be faster in all the test because the octa never use the 8 cores at the same time

        • kascollet

          [email protected] destroys [email protected] (A15 does much more at each cycle), and we don’t know yet the relative clocks of the two clusters featured in the Octa. Samsung announced the highest frequency of the two, but 1,6Ghz may be the one of the A7 cores (it’s a phone after all, battery must be preserved).

  • Kokusho

    The Tegra 4i will be a super power efficient chips if it land in the Xphone it will have enormous battery life.

  • Nvidias focus on efficiency and graphic processing will overcome the other market players in the coming years. They can clock as high as they want, but it won’t beat the functionality and battery life of the Tegra Set, I will be getting a Tegra 4 Tablet, followed by Broadwell years later. The people that are in the know are aware a SoC with graphics potential is the future, Nvidia and Intel will be the last ones standing in the chip war. Eat the Market while you can Qualcomm, cause you won’t be around long, you inefficient overclocked outdated mammoth of mimicry.

    • inneedofamobile

      Whoa super geek alert :B

    • Dulshan Kalpage

      Nvidia is the future. Its already got a seriously stable roadmap, and now they’ve shown us they focus more or the gaming/performance side, as they’ve demoed with the T4. Just like they are at the top of Desktop GPUs, they will bring some serious domination starting with the Tegra 4. The 72 sub GPU core plan is solid, just like how their desktop GPUs have over thousands in them. I seriously hope OEMs take the T4 seriously as we know its potential at being extremely strong by now.

      Agreed. Quallcomm is all “talk”, lol.

  • TheS4Fan

    The s4 just recently got 28000……

  • pleezzzz

    I’d by the HTC one but I got a stereo,

  • sean c

    Your a idiot the gs4 scored higher then htc one look it up.

  • Iphoneadopteer

    I WISH People stopped putting so much stock in benchmarks; they’re superficial indicators of processing power and not real_based results. Stronger processors are impressive and hold tremendous value when it comes to how your phone will handle multitasking and battery consumption. Gaming is a plus also.. but this tremendous need to validate one smartphone over another is stupid. Htc one and galaxy s4nare nearly identical and doesnt mean anything if one lags a milisecond more than the other; graphic skins will always play a part in lag issues and doesnt have any thing to do with the processor.