After looking at another Galaxy S4 leaked image yesterday, we now have a new report for you offering more details about Samsung’s Galaxy S4 launch event and launch schedule.

According to Sam Mobile’s “trusted insider,” Samsung plans to announce the Galaxy S4 on March 15 at a special Mobile Unpacked event. While previous reports suggested that Samsung wants to unveil the device in the U.S. in Apple’s backyard, today we hear that the location of the event is “top secret” for the time being.

Following the announcement event, the Galaxy S4 will hit stores in early April rather than mid-April, as a previous Sam Mobile report suggested. The new information seems to back up a recently leaked in-house contest that ends in early April at a New Zealand company. According to those leaked materials, the contest will have the Galaxy S4 as a prize for all winners, although it’s not known when these prizes will be actually awarded, especially since that particular region of the world is said to get the phone only later down the road.

The first markets to sell the handset will be “eastern countries from Europe,” will all of Europe and Asia set to get the Galaxy S4 by the end of April. The U.S., Australia and Africa will follow in May and June, although specific launch details are not available at this time for any region.

Moreover, Galaxy S4 accessories are planned for release in week 15 (April 8-14) of the year, again suggesting an early April release for the handset.

Press invites for this rumored March 15 Galaxy S4 event have not been sent out yet, and they’re expected to arrive in the mail after MWC 2013, which takes place in Barcelona, Spain, during February 25-28.

It should go without saying that, like previous Galaxy S4 rumors and reports before, this one is also unconfirmed, so keep holding on to that grain of salt, while we look for more Galaxy S4 details for you.

  • Hope it won’t have that physical home button..

    • MasterMuffin

      Why? I don’t understand this “no physical buttons” thing here in Android camp! Is it because iPhones have physical button? My friend has a phone with capacitive home button and he (and I) always accidentally touch it and it’s really annoying. It’s also the only button that works if an app freezes because the capacitive buttons always freeze with the app. And maybe it’s also the reason why Galaxy phones sell so well, because so many customers don’t like big changes and prefer to have a button…

      • Well how about soft buttons mister, and if something freezes you always have a way to get rid of it ? (Take out battery on Samsung phones for example) Anyways.. Apple has nothing to do with this.

        • MasterMuffin

          Don’t know about soft keys because I’ve never seen a phone with soft keys… And I don’t want to take my battery out just because of an app that freezes :( But I can live without a home button (maybe), but I still don’t think that Samsung will get rid of it, it’s like Apple would get rid of the home button! :)

    • chronosphere

      to be honest, I still prefer physical home button.

      because when playing action game, I often frantically touch on-screen game button like there’s no tomorrow,
      and.. accidentally hit capacitive home button, which bring me to android home screen.. >.<

      worst, some game didn't support suspending in background, I had to restart from previous checkpoint when back to the game…… (aaaaaaaaarrgh).

    • tomn1ce

      It would be even better if Google makes the nav buttons customizable like in AOKP…That’s one of the reasons why I rooted my G-Nexus….

  • Bo

    Hope it still has a physical home button…

  • huh?

    I hope there’s no home button at all

  • Filip Justin

    I hope I won’t have to wait months for a 64GB version.. It’s my only wish.. Oh, and make more colors for it from the start because I want it in black..

  • Victor Meira

    I hope all the other Galaxies thats follow after dont come with the same design.

    Off: Yes Samsung, we know that you guys put effort to the S3 desing, but all see now are S3’s everywhere! All sizes!