Here are the first two legitimate renders of what the Samsung GS4 will look like

by: ŠtefanMarch 4, 2013

The man or woman behind the Twitter account @evleaks just dropped two huge bombshells on us. They’ve published two renders of the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S4. Should you trust @evleaks? We do. We can’t count the number of times that they’ve published accurate information. In fact, we’re not even sure if @evleaks has ever said anything that was incorrect.

But enough about that, let’s discuss the renders. The device looks more square than the GS3. We’d go so far as to say that it even looks a bit like the original 5.3 inch Galaxy Note. The bezels are insanely thin, which we like, and there appears to be no front facing buttons.

If true, that would be amazing, since that’s the number one complaint we have about Samsung hardware. That and cheap plastic that flexes far too easily.

Looking at the top, the hole for the front facing camera looks massive. Earlier today we filed a report that said the GS4 would include a feature that tracked a user’s eyes while they were reading a web page. When the user reaches the end of the last paragraph, the device scrolls automatically for them. Having an advanced front facing camera is needed for that. Let’s also not forget about all the wide angle stuff HTC has been doing with their front facing cameras. Perhaps this is Samsung taking a lesson from their enemy in Taiwan.

We’re 100% sure that more leaks are going to take place between now and the 14th, when Samsung officially announces the GS4. You’re either going to love the leaks or hate them. This writer falls into the latter camp, but at the same time he also understands that most people love this sort of stuff.

That’s life.

  • tuqueque

    If that render proves to be true, GS4 will be amazing!… I also love
    the more square shape, the thin bezels and the no-home button is quite interesting and space-saving… One thing I’d like to see is an infrared led light for the front facing camera. That could help big time in dark environments and the Smart Stay feature from the S3.

  • jeans13

    like: no physical home button
    dislike: design is a bit too squared

  • lalala

    i for one dont think they will ditch their signature buttons but if its true i certainly dont mind!

  • Hrishi

    Wow that really looks like note 1

  • This looks way too huge for my tastes. When I saw this the first time, I thought maybe it was a Note Mini. Although I do like the bezel quite a bit more than the S III. The lack of a physical home button is somewhat interesting.

    • Bone

      This is the Galaxy SIV, it was released now months ago, the form is in line with the dimensions (which can be calculated by the leaked specs and screen size), it has a realistic bezel and top, bottom space, realistic button, logo and sensor size, and an April 22 2013 date on the screen which looks like the official release date. This image was posted by a Samsung employee in December mind you.

  • Ignacio Martín

    I like the HTC One more

    • Jared Persinger

      That’s going to be my next phone unless it has a huge problem upon release

  • I don’t buy that render for a second. For starters, the leaked dimensions are very similar to the S3, so the sizing there is obviously WAY out. Secondly, the screen is going to marginally bigger than the S3, that render is noticeably larger. And lastly, no home button? Really? Everyone knows Samsung will not ditch their physical home key, it is a staple point of the S range.

    In saying that, if this proves true then I will eat my GS3.

    • Mr BowelPhone

      Get ready to have a stomach ache

    • taz89

      That’s the first thing I notice too…if one thing we are all sure of is that the s4 will have a 5″ screen and in no way is that 0.2″ increase in size over the s3.. And anyone who thinks that samsung will ditch the homebutton especially after just putting it on there latest note 8 tablet are wishful thinking…people this is just a place holder a similar leak happened for the s3 last year and guess what it looked nothing like the real s3…

  • I’d love if they finally moved on from physical buttons, but I don’t think this is true… I don’t know, this looks like those god-awful square-y phones from LG. It has got no style. The S3 is curvy and beautiful; if they kill that in the S4 they, well… Well, I hope they don’t do that =s

  • Doan

    I assumed the GS4 would have a physical home button, so I wrote it off of my potential upgrade list. If it’s full software buttons, it’s back on the list.. although, I’m not making a firm decision until I see the X Phone.

    • Stefan Constantinescu

      X Phone isn’t going to be announced until Q4, at least that’s what my gut tells me.

  • John Smith

    This looks horrible, Samsung is heading towards a disaster if it’s true.

    • Bill

      I don’t think this is the final design.

  • Come on! Physical home buttons are shit, specially if they are as hard to press as in Galaxy S3!

  • kascollet

    Screen too big, and looks exactly like the iPad Mini.

  • Bill

    I think the phone will look somewhat like this, but this isn’t the final design. I do like the design somewhat, but it looks too wide and very computer made and not final. If they make it not as wide and tweak a few things, the design will be perfect. I don’t know what everyone has against plastic. My friend was pissed after his new iPhone was all scratched up in a week. Then he dropped it and the screen was toast. He went back to android haha.

  • So you tell me that’s just a less than 0,2 inch increase in screen size ? Just look at that thing..

  • swinger

    asymmetry bezel width ?
    I’ll pass…

  • rahul nebhnani

    it looks awful !!
    like a slab . no wat that it is going to be the S3 , moreover there is no home button !!!

  • I love the button on the GS3, it’s very useful. I hope they will keep it!!!

  • Been
  • felec

    I’m not sure why the title of this article says ‘legitimate’. Just to grab attention I think. I thought AA would be a little more restrained in expressing their blind belief of what is nothing more than a low-credibility leak.

    I personally find the below problems with this leaked image:

    1. The phone (and the screen) is so much bigger than the S3 for only a 0.2 inch increase in screen size.

    2. The screen is too square-ish for a 16:9 aspect ratio

    3. Asymmetrical bezel (left hand side bezel is thinner) screams photoshop

    4. Ear piece is simply a rounded grey bar

    I rather think this is just someone’s imagination after looking at the earlier leaked protective cases for the S4.

  • taz89

    Lol AA just turned out that these so call legit s4 leaks are FAKE…so do you still think these are real because evleaks said so…you should know the chances of Samsung dropping the home button is close to 0% especially after they just put a home button on there note 8 tablet…maybe before saying these are LEGIT s4 leaks you should have thought about