Xperia Play users will be in for a treat! Two new mind boggling games have been added to the roster of games exclusive for its users. These new games, entitled Fight Game: Heroes and Experiment 13 are currently available on Xperia Play only.

Fight Game: Heroes

True to its name, Fight Game: Heroes is a 3D fighting game; covering the setting of grungy bars and back alleys. Think street fighter, but literally in the street instead of the ring. The game, developed by Fight Game Interactive, comes in two different modes: Career or Competitive. In Career Mode, you will be required to fight other fighters so you can be named as the Best Fighter. Meanwhile, the other option will simply let you play off against your friends to show them who the boss is.

You can download Fight Game: Heroes for free from the Android Market.


Experiment 13

Developed and published by Sony Ericsson, Experiment 13 is a physics-based puzzle game wherein players will have to make use of gravity in different methods so they can solve each stage. It is a Role Playing Game where users take the identity of Roy Tate, who managed to find himself in another dimension that requires him to solve a series of puzzles, avoid traps and even dodge monsters. Or else he will be eaten alive.

You will be required to collect orbs by running, climbing, jumping and flipping gravity so you can enter the next stage. Currently, there are a total of 40 stages you will need to finish—each of which will be progressively challenging as the previous one.

Download Experiment 13 for free from the Android Market.


If you’re an Android app fan, you may want to look out for when these new games will be available for your phone too!

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