Twitter for Android gets new makeover, features Holo-inspired look

by: Andrew GrushApril 3, 2013


Twitter has now released version 4.0 of its Android app, and with it comes a totally new look and feel, at least for those of us with a device running Android 4.0 or higher.

As you might have guessed, the new UI brings with it a visual style that is more in-line with Android “holo” guidelines. Simplicity is key here, and swiping across the screen makes it easy to switch between the four tabs: home, discover, connect and me.

Is the new version perfect? Not by a longshot, but it is still a huge jump forward compared to the what we’ve seen in the past.

Outside of the visuals changes, there are a few other new changes coming to Twitter such as the ability to install and launch apps directly from Tweets. Additionally, when searching or composing a Tweet, all you have to do is type [email protected] or “#” and it will bring up a list of suggestions for you.

Here’s the full change-log for those interested:

– We’ve got a brand new look and feel crafted for Android 4.0+. Navigate seamlessly between your favorite parts of Twitter with a simple swipe.

– It’s easier to connect with friends and join conversations with @username and #hashtag suggestions that appear as you search or compose a Tweet

– Discover, install and launch your favorite apps from Tweets

– Other bug fixes and improvements

What do you think of the newly redesigned Twitter app, like it or not?

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  • Why do popular apps like this never have night modes? I would use it instead of carbon if it did. Every app needs night mode. Black backgrounds look great on samsung devices since they have amoled displays, and the battery savings are huge. It’s not rocket science twitter…