Tweet Lanes: A truly Holo-themed Twitter experience, miles ahead of the rest

by: Joshua MunozJanuary 4, 2013

I love Holo, I really do. When Google unveiled Ice Cream Sandwich to the world, I was instantly smitten with how clean and cool it looked, so when I discovered Tweet Lanes, I was smitten yet again.

Developed my Chris Lacy, (the developer of Action Launcher), it strictly adheres to Android design guidelines, runs like a champ, and introduces some cool new enhancements, too.

Join me after the break and find out why Tweet Lanes is my Twitter client of choice.

First off, just admire how good Tweet Lanes looks. That’s definitely Holo-theming if I’ve ever seen it, and it looks darn good. But what else makes Tweet Lanes so good?

For one, the lanes are a great feature Chris Lacy introduced in the context of Holo design. Instead of any complicated tapping or button-oriented systems, you simply swipe left and right to get from column to column, or, as Lacy deemed them, Lanes. (Hence Tweet Lanes.)

The Lanes you use are completely customizable from the settings menu, and the only thing you absolutely have to keep enabled is your Twitter feed.

The second, and perhaps more important, enhancement is the Context Box. Lacy did away with reply and direct message buttons, and instead wrote a single text input field that changes depending on what you’re doing (or not doing).

Want to tweet? Fill something out in your Context Box and tweet it. Want to reply to someone? Simply highlight their name (via long press) in your feed, and the Context Box automatically adds their name as an @reply! Want to reply to more than one person? Highlight as many as you want, write your message, and they’ll all be replied to at once!

Tweet Lanes also uses what Lacy has termed VolScroll, which lets you move through your Twitter feed using the volume buttons to navigate up and down. In my experience, it works well, but I’m still a finger scrolling kinda guy, so I didn’t use it too much.

Combine all of the these features with multiple account support and you’ve got a wonderful Twitter app on your hands. The one takeaway is no notification support, but if you can get past that, you should definitely look into giving Tweet Lanes a try.

  • Jamal Ahmed

    Nice article as always by Android Headlines. :) Although i would like to point that the link to “Get It On Google Play” is empty :)

    • Android Headlines..?

      • Jamal Ahmed

        *Authority :p fail. Nevertheless i meant this website :)

  • Yeah put a hyperlink on the Get on Android pic plz :P

    • Sorry, don’t know why the link got stripped out.

  • mickey4mice

    It’s no longer being actively developed. Give Tweetings for Twitter a spin, awesome holo theme and lots of customization options. But it doesn’t have that innovative contextual reply Tweet Lanes has.

  • I hate to be that guy, but development on this app is dead as of a couple of months ago.

  • foggy flute

    You call that a good holo, I call that a bad UI with no white space, not good for reading at all.

  • MasterMuffin

    Why there aren’t any good and cool FB apps? millions of fast and cool apps for Twitter but only few apps for FB and they’re ugly and slow (friendcaster and fast for FB)

    • Chris Thomson

      Are you aware of Flipster?

      • MasterMuffin

        Yes, I’m aware of it and ot’s slow though cool