TVPRO and Reshape want to upgrade you and your TV with their new set-top box

by: Jonathan FeistMay 31, 2014

There is another Kickstarter campaign on the block, this time TVPRO is looking to be the first set-top box of its kind, bringing a 1080p HD webcam and built-in speakers to the smart TV experience. Running full Android 4.2.2, TVPRO promises to bring all the functionality of your PC and mobile devices to the big screen.

The project actually started out as a solution to bring the Reshape Platform, a one-on-one Skype-style fitness training solution, to the living room. For the Reshape fitness project, current set-top boxes with attached webcams were just not good enough, so they set out to make something a little more capable, and TVPRO was born.

TVPRO Reshape

A lot has changed in the 18 months since co-founders Sam and Beau Haginas began work on the TVPRO. Unfortunately for them, they have launched their Kickstarter campaign at practically the same time as we learn that Google’s own Android TV could be launching in just under a month. Further competition in the ‘video conferencing on the TV’ market comes, again from the Google-powered department, with the ASUS Chromebox business conference setup announced earlier this year.

Don’t count out the TVPRO just yet. That built-in camera is a very handy feature, and the remaining specs reveal a bit of a powerhouse device, as far as set-top boxes go. Packing a quad-core processor, 1080p camera, built-in speakers and dual, noise cancelling, microphones is a good start. WiFi, an ethernet port, Bluetooth and IR make for solid connectivity options, and the included Air Mouse Remote features a full keyboard and Nintendo Wii point and click style navigation.

Check out the full spec sheet and feature list in the image below.

TVPRO Spec list

With only 27 days to go in the Reshape and TVPRO Kickstarter campaign, you will not be able to hold off to see first what Android TV hardware Google brings to Google I/O next month. So, if the idea of a powerful set-top box with a camera built-in strikes your fancy, you best just head over to Kickstarter now and pledge your hard earned moneys.

In light of the newer Amazon Fire TV, Chromecast and Android TV, not to mention the older OuyaRoku, Apple TV and other set-top options, including traditional HTPCs, do you think TVPRO will find the remaining $130,000 they need to reach their goal?

  • MasterMuffin

    All modern devices should have 3GB of RAM!!1!1

    • I truly want to agree with you MasterMuffin, but for what this guy does, is 1GB really not enough? There is not much for multi-tasking going on here… my Nexus 7 only has 1GB, I put it through a ton more than a set top box, and it performs decently.

      • MasterMuffin

        I thought my sarcasm was obvious :)

        • My bad. Still getting to know you guys on here.

          So, changing the tone, why shouldn’t 3GB, 4GB even, be normal for modern phones and tablets? We’ve got the tech, and we know from years of experience in the PC market that we’ll have to go to 4GB and up, why don’t manufacturers start now?

          • MasterMuffin

            I don’t know, memory is cheap and doesn’t take that much space. Making a phone with 4GB of RAM would certainly appeal to the people crazy about specs.

            Set-top box definitely doesn’t need that much RAM though :) BTW Isn’t it “set-top box”, not “set top box”?

          • I agree on almost all accounts. For the sake of future-proofing, 4GB on a set-top box may just be the best way to effectively pre-cache 4K video and to handle big games. Otherwise, certainly shouldn’t need that much.

            I made the poor decision to follow previous spelling on the site, but I didn’t really like it either, so “set-top” is in. Thank you for saying something, helped me make that decision.

          • MasterMuffin

            I didn’t think about 4K (and 8K, some day!). More RAM can never hurt!

          • Corbin Crutch

            Wow… THis was pretty summed up

          • Jayfeather787

            RAM is not that cheap. 4 GB is about 40 bucks in the PC world.

  • Otto Andersson

    Wrong direction. All people need is a dock that they can place their phone in to turn a TV into a smart TV. Especially when the top features of this device are software related. We need less devices with more power and connectivity/docking options.

    • wat

      I used to think the same but now I disagree. People are so obsessed with checking their phone every 3 seconds that it wouldn’t be feasible to have it out of reach, also phone calls would be an issue because if you removed it from the dock then you would lose your TV. I think dedicated Android boxes are a good idea with smartphone as the remote and you can also stream to them like you would with a Chromecast except they could come with 802.11ac and receive faster/less latency than the Chromecast can currently.

      • Otto Andersson

        That is a good point. I could see myself not wanting to have my phone out of reach.

  • DriftSlave

    This looks like Kinect….kill it with fire.

  • I’m looking forward to enjoying this film. too great.

  • Dick MacInnis

    This isn’t new. It’s identical to the CeleumTV Professional. Even the name is unoriginal.

    • Thanks for checking in Dick MacInnis, how is Saskatchewan treating you? Truth is, I lived most of the last 5 years just down the road from you, and I had not heard of your product until just now. Heck, I was even a Ubuntu Studio user for half that time as well. I am looking at your stuff now, but would you be kind enough to share some of the benefits of your products – how does your gear compare to TVPRO?

    • AndroiDude

      I too don’t understand how they can claim this in a unique, patent-pending design. It’s been available for over a year now on –

  • AndroiDude

    I don’t understand how they can claim this in a unique, patent-pending design. It’s been available for over a year now on from multiple sellers –

  • Thomas dave

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