TV Streaming Made Possible on Your Android through FilmOn AIR Tuner

by: Christine TorralbaJanuary 3, 2012
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Even with its ongoing legal battle with big TV networks, internet-based TV provider FilmOn managed to launch a compact ATSC TV receiver dongle for Android devices as well as PC and Apple products. Called FilmOn AIR, it is a promising mobile streaming and recording of free-to-air US TV shows. Interested parties may either buy the dongle for a $95.95 retail price or choose a $149.95 yearly subscription.

The dongle will give its users access to more than 120 HD channels. Apart from this, a new update in February will provide an add-in support for a portable ATSC tuner. Along with video-on-demand options, this could revolutionize the way people watch television.

Currently, FilmOn is facing courtroom drama with TV networks such as CBS, ABC, FOX, and NBC on the subject of the legality of online streaming of the named networks’ programs. The case has been ongoing for quite some time now and FilmOn expects that the case will be settled this year.

‘The case is ongoing and FilmOn expects to settle the dispute this year’ CEO Alki David said.

The FilmOn AIR tuner has a pass-through a 5-hour battery as well as a charger connection of its own.