Triple-SIM phones from LG coming soon as part of new MediaTek partnership

by: David GonzalesJuly 25, 2013

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Is the world ready for triple-SIM phones? Korea-based LG seems to think so. The company, which recently found success selling the the dual-SIM-capable Optimus L4II in countries such as India and Brazil, now thinks that there is a market for phones that have the ability to run a total of three SIMs at the same time.

That’s right. Soon, you will be able to use SIM cards from all three of your country’s top mobile networks, all on the same device. If you even do have at least three different carriers doing business in your country, that is. With a partnership with MediaTek, LG’s plans of selling triple-SIM capable Optimus phones may soon see the light of day.

Whatever triple-SIM phones LG and MediaTek end up creating, they’re probably only going to be made available in GSM network-laden countries. Still, they’re bound to be extremely useful especially to those who feel the need to be connected in all sorts of ways. Read the full press release with more info from MediaTek below.

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HSINCHU, July 25, 2013 /PRNewswire/ — MediaTek Inc., a leading fabless semiconductor company for wireless communications and digital multimedia solutions, today announced the world’s first triple-SIM technology for 3G Android smartphones. The cutting-edge solution, which comes in response to widespread demand for multi-SIM devices in emerging markets, was recently commercialized in Brazil by Optimus L4II smartphone from LG Electronics.

Building on the success of its popular dual-SIM predecessor, 3G Triple-SIM technology allows for three SIM cards to be used simultaneously. Each can receive calls, transmit data, send SMS messages and remain in standby mode concurrently without consuming excessive battery life.

A key feature of the 3G Triple-SIM solution is its high level of stability, which prevents the occurrence of dropped or poor-quality calls, and reaffirms MediaTek’s reputation as the leading producer of multi-SIM chipset technologies.

“MediaTek has long provided state-of-art solutions for multi-SIM mobile devices. 3G triple-SIM is yet another example of that,” says Brian Kwon, Head of Product Planning Group from LG Electronics. “Thanks to its groundbreaking technology, our new smartphones will significantly expand the connectivity options of our customers, and in so doing allow them to take advantage of multiple tariff plans.”

Beyond its pioneering technology, the 3G Triple-SIM technology also serves as a turnkey solution for manufacturers through its built-in user interface, which enables end-users to directly adjust or turn off the multi-SIM function if and when desired.

“In many emerging markets, multi-SIM support has become an absolute requirement. By creating a comprehensive total solution packed with premium features and advanced technologies, MediaTek is not only catering to end-user needs, but also attracting the attention of the world’s tier-one device makers,” says Jeffrey Ju, GM of MediaTek’s Smartphone Business Unit. “With our long line of exciting new products in the works, we expect to bring many more affordable-premium mobile device solutions to emerging markets and others in the near future.”

  • NarutoNamikaze1010

    merket* Do you mean Market?

    • OMGgary

      Alexander Orlov wish to speak.

      • Ben Jowett


  • G2

    LG was already brought phone with triple sims.

    • weed

      But not smartphone. There is already a good selection of triple SIM phones out there, both regular bar phones and touch feature phones, but so far I have not seen any running Android.

  • Fantastico

    Why do people need so may SIMs? I only have one in my phone. :-/

    • OMGgary

      As far as I know the reason for more than one SIM in a phone, is that in some countries none of the networks have anything approaching complete coverage of the country.
      So the only way people living there can maximise their chances of having a signal most of the time, is to have a sim from more than one network, in the hope that in an area where one carrier has poor coverage, the other network may have a better signal.

      • john

        Give this guy a medal.
        China, India, Vietnam, etc.

        • hari suthar

          Hi I feel happy that LG coming with 3 SIMs, It is not new technology, as I seen many 3 SIM card phone in India and China. In fact, LG is late comer. Still we do not know when it will be availbale in South east Asia region. Can LG speak out in inteterst of customers.

      • weed

        That’s not the reason, at least not for most people. Actually, in most countries there are no good reasons to have dual SIM anymore, but there used to be, Asian carriers had terrible prices for text and call to other carriers and that forced people to have at least two SIMs to communicate with people on other networks.

        • Fantastico

          It sounds like no one is really sure why dual SIM phones exist then!

          • End in sight

            Well in Philippines, there is a great reason for dual Sims. There had historically been two carriers… Smart and Globe. Both offered the ability to talk free with people in their own network. BUT, if you talk with someone OUTSIDE your network, you get screwed with like 10 cents per minute or something. So if you have one Sim on Smart, you can talk all day to your Smart friends, but you cant afford to make a single call to anyone on Globe. What ends up happening is that people are all trying to remember who is on smart and who is on globe. Fortunately, if you are in the know you can also tell my the number. But, regardless, two Sims phones solve all these headaches. Just get both sims and talk free to everyone.

            And now the Philippines has another carrier… Sun. So tri-sim phone are perfect for the Philippines. Great work.

    • AY

      what about the international business traveler? I for one travel to certain countries on a consistent basis (hitting different cities/countries every 24-48 hours). I used to carry up to 5-6 different country sim cards and like 3-4 cell phones. Yes, I can just carry 1 phone and change sim cards (or even just keep 1 sim card and pay the roaming charges), however changing sim-cards in 1 phone is a pain and not knowing if any important calls came in on your other business lines is a big no-no. Not to mention, clients from different countries/regions (they prefer a local dialing number). And simply – at the end of the day, its much much cheaper to have a local sim card to talk and conduct business than to carry one sim and pay a very hefty roaming charge per minute – which will easily allow you to buy another high-end phone with just few minutes of talking.

      Another couple reasons people often tell me why they like dual – business/personal like to keep it that separate. Different phone plans – some companies have really good talk/text deals and another may have really good unlimited data plans. More cost effective to have 2 sims than to have 1 sim that have both.

    • A Googler

      they have to think of the drug dealer market , most dealers would need at least 3 or 4 phones , its important to keep your customers happy :)

      • A Googler

        not to mention if you have 3 or more babes on the go at once , it gets confoosing!!

  • Smeeagain

    Actually I’m waiting for the quad sims, you know, just for bragging rites. lol

  • john

    MediaTek makes some of the most bizarre SoCs, not that they are any worse for it.

    I love you MT.

  • Ruz

    I would like to have LG G2 dual and tripple sim phone and please note that we want an Active sim phones and not standbies

    • Ruz

      so that i can make cheap calls on one, second for incomming and third only for 3g data :)

  • nishantsirohi123

    Imagine the amount of radiation three sims shall emit at the same time

    • A Googler

      yes its a bit worrying when you could potentially microwave your testicles if you leave it on your lap.