Trigger Happy: an Android-controlled DSLR remote

by: Mike AndriciMarch 21, 2012
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trigger happy

If you ever felt the need to control your top-class point-and-shoot or DSLR camera with your smartphone, you are almost in luck, as a new project called Trigger Happy is designed to help you control the camera with your Android smartphone (exactly the same functionality is also offered for a certain Apple smartphone as well, but that’s beyond the purpose of this blog). Trigger Happy is a patent-pending technology that consists out of two major components: a cable that converts the audio signal emitted from your smartphone’s 3.5mm jack into a signal that the camera can use, and an Android/iOS app that acts as a trigger (pun definitely intended). The list of supported cameras is quite extensive, up to the point where if your camera isn’t included, it probably isn’t worth the effort. For your reference, here’s a link to the full list. According to the small team behind the project, Trigger Happy devices will reach the consumer market sometime in early June, but you can get yours delivered in April if you “pledge” $100 or more. You can also pre-order your Trigger Happy device for $50, while the retail price of the system will be set at $70 once it gets released. It’s all part of the “we need money to get our start-up going” mentality that the developers are showcasing, but, unfortunately, I’m not sure there is a single reason you should give in, not matter how much of a photo buff you really are. Although I personally find the idea of controlling your camera via your smartphone quite interesting, I’m not sure that a wired solution is the answer. In the age of mobile tech, the Trigger Happy solution is not what many would expect. Although additional functions are planned (for example, the Trigger Happy team is working on a way to set the camera to take a photo at the exact moment when your smartphone recognizes a face passing by the objective), at its current state, it’s really only a trigger. Granted, it’s nice to get a glimpse of Android-DSLR interoperability, but to be honest, the developers might need to come up with something more than a cable solution. I’m sure not gonna pay $50 for a trigger cable, will you? Let us know what you think in the comment section below!

  • Looks like a “low” solution for iOS Devices mainly.
    Android Phones with their USB Hosting functionality can do so much more (full camera control, live view on the device) with Apps like DSLR Controller by chainfire or Helicon Remote.

  • Pay $50 or do it yourself for just a few dollars. The app is free:

    and instructions on how to build the needed cable can be found here:

    For the time beeing the app features ordinary shutter and focus remote control, timer controlled shots, HDR sequences, as well as shots triggered by light or sound events.

  • LongXposure

    I’m not aware of a trigger as you call it where you have the ability to change photo parameters like aperture or speed. Not for this price.
    For 50 USD having the ability to modify parameters like this is unmatched. The fact that it’s wired is not at all a concern. The main reason for using a remote trigger is not the distance you are from the camera. It’s avoiding vibration on the camera. This is especially true if you are taking sets of pictures for HDR or doing looong exposures.
    After consideration about the alternatives I ordered two cables for my two cameras. For the functionality it’s a bargain. Just do a search for the prices of the top Canon Remote Controller for the EOS 5 and EOS 1 (TC-80N3). It will cost you 135 USD and it has no way of changing parameters at all. Now tell me that’s a bad deal….