Migoal TransMaker transforms your Galaxy S3 or S4 into a tablet/laptop hybrid

by: Andrew GrushAugust 27, 2013


Imagine if you could take your Galaxy S3 or S4 smartphone and instantly transform it into a tablet. Further, what if you could take that S3/S4 tablet and turn it into a laptop? That’s exactly what the Migoal’s TransMaker is all about.

This concept isn’t a new one. We’ve already seen phones that turn into tablets with Asus’ Padfone line or ExoTablet’s TransPhone series. We have even seen a laptop docking accessory for the Motorola Atrix. Still, none of these solutions have been all that popular, and neither have their counterpart phones.

In contrast, the Galaxy S3 and S4 are two of the most popular Android devices on the planet, which means that Migoal already has a pretty big potential audience for its new accessory.

The Galaxy S3 and S4 are two of the most popular Android devices on the planet, which means that Migoal already has a pretty big potential audience for its new accessory.

As with similar offerings, the TransMaker laptop and keyboard docks do not contain any processors, RAM or storage.

Both the laptop and tablet accessory do have their own batteries however, with a 6000 mAh battery in the laptop keyboard and a 5000 mAh battery in the tablet dock.

TransMaker also comes in two distinct versions for your S3 or S4. The first one is a 10.1-inch model with a 1280 x 800 resolution. The second model has a 11.6-inch display with a full 1080p resolution.


Can Migoal find success with the TransMaker?

The idea of transforming the latest (and last-gen) Galaxy handset into a laptop/tablet combo is a compelling one, but can the Chinese-based Migoal actually find success here? In the long run it will come down to a three primary factors: pricing, build quality and perceived value.

If Migoal wants to succeed where others have stumbled, they need to ensure that docking the Galaxy is easy and works well. They also need exceptional build quality and pricing that doesn’t break the bank.

Unfortunately, we have no clue when the TransMaker will arrive commercially, or how much the company plans to sell it for.  According to Migoal’s website, they will be showing the product off at IFA this September, so hopefully we will learn more then.

So what do you think, if TransMaker is responsibly priced, would you be interested?

For those that want to learn more, head over to Migoal’s website and you can leave your name, email and country of residence, and Migoal will get in contact with you when the TransMaker is available in your area.

  • Ivan Myring

    Will this work with a Note 2/3? With an extender wire

    • Luka Mlinar

      What are you gonna ducktape it to the tablet? ffs

      • steven424

        I currently have my S3 in an Aduro Shell Holster Case. The thin, hard rubber case around my phone slips very snugly into a belt holster. I can see this kind of setup being used in the Migoal TransMaker as a way of docking the phone to the tablet part of the TransMaker. It would be neat if whatever wrap-around case used to dock the phone in the TransMaker would also slip into a belt holster. This would make going from smartphone to phablet stunningly elegant.

  • Scott M Jantz

    I’ve always been interested in the ASUS Padphone but I was never able to get ahold of it here in the States. I’d love if something like this came to fruition. I’m very interested in where this goes.

    • mobilemann

      it’s because unless this thing is $99, then why would you buy a laptop that you can’t use without your phone?

  • dafrizzy

    I think this would be great especially when traveling. It would make carrying a phone + tablet so much more convenient. I’ve been intrigued by the padphone since fruition, but the mid-level specs and lack of availability here in the states had been a challenge. Plus with this acting more as a dock, the cross-carrier opportunity would be awesome!

    • dafrizzy

      Let’s just price it a less than a netbook and all will be good.

  • tomn1ce

    This looks nice, lets see how much is going to cost….

  • Victor Meira

    This + Ubuntu mobile!

  • eldermoore

    I wish it could work with any phone, not just S3/S4

    • In theory it probably could–it would just be a matter of if the phone fit in the dock or not, and if it supports MHL (for mirroring the screen to the larger display)

  • Jason Strudwick

    I would love this, depending on price, its a great idea and I can see it being popular, as smartphones get more powerful year after year, just hope its easy to upgrade it and it doesn’t become obsolete to soon. I hope they market it carefully too and it comes to fruition.

  • mizcg

    If this pans out I am definitely interested.

  • End in sight

    Nice idea, but I would be concerned with weight balance when using it in “tablet” mode. Seems it would be too top heavy. And if they fix the top heaviness by balancing it, then the tablet will be overall too heavy to hold. Ugh.

    Am I right on this? I hope not.

    • steven424

      The battery could be on the side of the tablet that is not part of the phone docking mechanism. I would think a 5000mA battery would at least partially balance the weight of the S3/S4 when the phone is docked.

      I am definitely interested in this device.

  • Sam

    This is absolutely Great, awesome in fact. I am literally tingling with excitement, what with these futuristic and functional devices.
    I was going to buy the PadFone Infinity, but with all the rumours of a Infinity 3 coming out (which many hope will revive the keyboard dock) and now the TransMaker, I think I’ll just wait until after the IFA to make a decision, where all these rumours will be laid to rest.

    I am definitely interested, although I believe app’wise the PadFone will be stronger as it custom-built for the purpose of being used as a phone and a tablet, whilst the TransMaker with a Galaxy S3/S4 will hopefully make a smaller dent on my wallet.

  • JaySea

    it has completely disappeared from indiegogo????!!!!