New Transformer Pad Infinity: Tegra 4, 2,560 x 1,600 display

by: Bogdan PetrovanJune 3, 2013

asus transformer pad infinity 2013 Credit: AnandTech

At Computex 2013, Asus’ chairman Jonney Shih took the stage to unveil a series of exciting new Android products, including the latest generation of the Transformer Pad series – the Transformer Pad Infinity.

The refresh to last year’s Pad Infinity features a souped spec sheet – boasting the brand new Tegra 4 processor and 2GB of RAM, the tablet promises to deliver some serious oomph. How serious? Well Asus said the new Pad Infinity is able to output 4K signal through its HDMI-out port. Maybe to match to that $5,000 professional 4K monitor that Asus launched last week?

The display is in line with 2013 state of the art –  a 2,560 x 1,600 IPS panel (WQXGA).

Just like its predecessors, the tablet features an optional dock/keyboard accessory that also provides an energy boost thanks to the built in battery. The new Pad Infinity comes with 32GB of storage, that can be extended using card slot found in the dock.

Design wise, the new Pad Infinity sports the spun metallic look that Asus has used throughout the last year. No word yet on price and availability, but we do expect to see it on the high end of the scale.

  • nick

    A 13.3 inch screen wouldn’t be bad! Resolution is good. Bluetooth 3.0? Come on Asus. All those wearables use 4.0. It never seems to be perfect! too Bad!

    • Monji

      I’m pretty sure it will support it in a future software update since Android doesn’t support it yet.

      • nick

        Is it possible tot upgrade all those bluetooth 3.0 devices only With an firmware upgrade?

        • Probably depends on the hardware but we’ve not seen this happen much in the past. I can’t think of one time it has happened.

        • Probably depends on the hardware but we’ve not seen this happen much in the past. I can’t think of one time it has happened.

  • In the Mobile world ASUS tend to make all the wrong choices. Tegra sux yet they chose it anyway. I currently own the previous generation Infinity which now I do not use since only 7 ROMs exist for it. Plus no game support outside Tegra Zone.

    Bottom line, ASUS fails yet again. That’s why I will stick to Nexus based devices. Nuff said…

    • Joshua Hill

      We’ve yet to see a real world retail version of tegra 4. The leaked benchmarks indicate it most certainly does not suck but lets wait and see till a retail version is reviewed and bench’d.

    • Thomas Wong

      I thought Nexus 7 uses Tegra 3?

      • Ørjan Baglo

        Yes but we are talking about the Tegra 4 not 3.

        • Andreas Larsson

          No he said the last generation infinity sucked becouse of tegra, and i’m pretty sure it did not have tegra 4

          • Test User

            Last Infinity sucked because of the cheap storage memory used. Horrible I/O issues. The Tegra 3 was also a part of the issue, not having enough power to drive the resolution, but most of the lag was from the I/O.

    • tegra 3 and tegra 4 are worlds apart

      tegra is also the only chipset that can run certain games

      • yeah OK… except from those very few games built for Tegra, others are flagged as incompatible like gameloft games which matter way more than those few games. Fail fail fail

        • That’s not really nvidia’s fault.

          That’s gameloft.

          Regardless, tablet games tend to be very boring and awkward to play.

          • True. But playing games on a phone is just stupid. Hence why Tablets are better in that field

          • Both are boring and awkward.

            If I want to game, I’ll use a regular computer.

          • I concur…

            That’s why am sitting this one out.

    • fandroid98

      Tegra 3 usually does suck, that’s true. I hope the T4 can stand up to S800 for once.

  • milksop held

    That’ll strain the GPU a bit

  • haha… 4k support? shit the current Infinity has bad 1080p support as it is… plus it’s almost identical to current one with exception of new resolution + cpu + ram +gpu… Not enough to warrant an upgrade… Am sitting this one out xD

  • Cl3v3rName

    awesome upgrade! this & trio made the computex for me

  • Simon Belmont

    Bluetooth 3.0? In 2013?

    Wow. To me, that’s sort of surprising in a flagship tablet. Maybe Bluetooth 4.0 can be enabled in a firmware update. Phones like the Galaxy Nexus have Bluetooth 3.0, but are Bluetooth 4.0 compatible with a proper firmware update.

  • brendan soliwoda

    This was exactly what I wanted from the refresh. Nvidia Tegra 4? Check. 2GB of Ram? Check. An IPS of 1080p or higher? Check. And, attachable dock? Check, Check and check. I’ve been looking for a new tablet and was holding out that Asus would deliver and they did. This was worth the wait. Can’t wait for it to be released!!

  • woobaker

    memory can be expanded thru the card slot IN THE DOCK? no on board sd slot anymore? also i dont care if the res is any higher. a better gpu is welcome. so many games are not optimized for this resolution and i doubt the devs will redo the apps for just this tab. i hope they fix the I/O bottle neck too and move the speakers to the front

  • fandroid98

    This is awesome. What’s sad is that this Android tablet has a higher resolution screen than most laptops.