Touchscreen Google Chromebook confirmed by WSJ, Pixel or Link codenames not mentioned

by: Chris SmithFebruary 21, 2013

Chromebook Pixel Jellyfish

A Chromebook laptop with Google branding and featuring a touchscreen display could be one of the most interesting Google products of the year, and a new Wall Street Journal report seems to back up previous rumors on the matter.

Just a short while ago we saw a concept video of the Chromebook Pixel (also known as Link,) and various proof that seem to confirm the existence of this particular Google project.

The Search giant has not acknowledged it yet – and did not comment on the matter when contacted by WSJ – but the fact that the publication has ran a story of the unreleased product is itself a very important indication that the touchscreen Chromebook is coming.

However, the WSJ article is not that revealing when it comes to actual details for the device. We still have no idea who’s making it for Google, when it will be announced and launched, how much it will cost and what features it will have to offer, you know, in addition to a touchscreen display and cloud-based Chrome OS running under the hood.

Are you buying a Chromebook this year?

  • tBs_Battousai

    Wonder if Motorola will be making it to partner the “X” phone…

  • S_Deemer

    “Are you buying a Chromebook this year?”

    If the Chromebook Pixel is released and lives up to expectations, definitely. My expectations are >6 hours battery life, faster processor, cellular data, and not much more than 3 pounds weight. I don’t care squat about touch.

  • Spencer

    If Google releases a cheap ($200-$400) Chromebook with decent hardware that can run Ubuntu, I’m sold. I’ve been severely tempted to pick up the Samsung Chromebook and put ChrUbuntu on it but all these rumors as of late are making me hold out to see what’s in store for I/O. Don’t get me wrong, Chrome OS is awesome, but there’s some programs I’d rather not use web versions of and would rather have Ubuntu. Regardless of the OS I choose, if Google can deliver another solid Chromebook as they did with the Samsung one, I’m sold.