Toshiba THRiVE 7” Tablet Coming in December with Tegra 2, Honeycomb, Hi-Res Display Onboard

by: Alvin YbañezSeptember 28, 2011
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If you loved Toshiba’s 10.1-inch tablet, then you will certainly drool over the slimmer, smaller, better-resolutioned 7-inch Toshiba THRiVE tablet coming this December, in time for the holidays. Toshiba’s Digital Products Division announced the upcoming tablet yesterday.

To be called the Toshiba THRiVE 7” Tablet, the Android device will be on store shelves, in online retailers, and on in early December. Although Toshiba has not officially announced the tablet’s price, rumors say it will cost somewhere around US$400.

Toshiba claims that this will be the first 7-inch tablet that offers the U.S. market a “true HD display” combined with a selection of ports and enhanced sounds for a better Android tablet experience.

This Is My Next had a chance to mess around with the device to see what this thinner tablet has to offer, and its report states that the tablet looks better compared to its bigger sibling.

Just like its predecessor–the 10.1-inch Toshiba THRiVE–the Toshiba THRiVE 7” Tablet will feature Android 3.2 Honeycomb optimized for smaller screens and a 1.0-GHz, dual-core NVIDIA Tegra 2 processor.

It will sport 1 GB of RAM and will come in 16-gigabyte and 32-gigabyte models.

Toshiba also managed to snugly fit slots for Mini USB, Micro HDMI, and microSD despite the tablet’s thinner size.

The tablet will also have a 5-megapixel rear camera and a 2-megapixel front-facing camera for video calls.

The tablet weighs 399 grams (0.88 pounds) and is 11.94 millimeters (0.47 inches) thick–two features that make the tablet portable and easily held with one hand.

Crisper display of text was also noted–with the tablet’s stunning 1280×800 resolution and wider viewing angles.

Together with its sound and video enhancement technologies, the tablet lets you experience high quality video and audio playback.

Upcoming gadgets seem to be getting thinner and smaller these days, but thin and small don’t have to mean less power or fewer features. But, between two same-spec’d tablets–one bigger in screen size than the other–which one will you choose?

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    mу bеst friеnd’s mоm mаkes $ 77 аn hоur оn thе cоmputer. Shе hаs bеen оut оf jоb fоr 9 mоnths but lаst mоnth hеr chеck wаs $ 7487 jуst wоrking оn thе cоmputer fоr а fеw hоurs. Rеad аbout it hеre

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    I love my Thrive 10″ with its full-size ports and everything, but I hope Toshiba shows some improvement with their so-called “sound and video enhancement technologies” because any video I record on it never finishes coping to USB-flashes if they are over about 100MB and then when I do get it to other computers, they never play correctly on any other player. Toshiba must be using some proprietary audio and video drivers or something…

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    $400 for a 7 inch seems a little too expensive IMO. KindleFire at $199 seems like a far better deal. There are so many cheaper android tablets out there.