ICS update delayed further for Toshiba Thrive and Thrive 7

by: Ankit BanerjeeJune 25, 2012
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toshiba thrive

The fight for the mobile OS supremacy has been heating up these last few weeks, with Apple’s announcement of iOS 6 and Microsoft’s recent showcase of Windows Phone 8. With Google I/O right around the corner, we are expecting quite a few announcements from Google, including a new low-cost but high-spec tablet, along with the next iteration of Android, likely to be Android 4.1 Jellybean.

While things are moving along nicely as far as new releases are concerned, it isn’t all good news for consumers who own “older” Android devices. Many of them are still waiting for an official update to Android 4.0, and the delays, caused for whatever reason, are annoyingly long and disappointing.

The latest company to announce a delay in the ICS rollout is Toshiba. Owners of the Toshiba Thrive and Thrive 7 were expecting an update to Android 4.0 earlier in spring, but we are, of course, way past that deadline with no upgrade in sight. A few days back, Toshiba official announced, in their forums, a delay to “early Fall” for the ICS update to reach all Thrive 10″ and 7″ tablets. Understandably, this announcement was met with varying degrees of anger and disappointment, judging from the comments on Toshiba’s support forums.

The duration of the delay is certainly longer than expected. Toshiba didn’t release any information as to the cause of the delay, but as has been the case with other OEMs, it is likely some problems with tweaks done to the OS by Toshiba, which aren’t playing nice with ICS. Whatever the reason, all Toshiba Thrive owners can do is wait it out.

What are your thoughts? Do you use a Toshiba Thrive? How disappointed/angry/annoyed are you about the delay in the ICS rollout? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • AppleFUD

    One thing is for sure. . . Android OEM’s prove their colors usually within one generation of hardware lol

  • dboyking125

    I am really annoyd, I wandet that update so batly.I hope that it is worth it.

  • ghostspawn

    I don,t believe that we will ever see an update. I think they are feeding us alot of BS in hope that we will give up and buy their new tablet. I own several toshiba products and my thrive will be the last. Why should I believe they can keep up with updates on new products? I have lost all trust that I once had for this company.

  • d1m1m1

    Don’t worry Toshiba, I’ll never buy another product from you again, that’s a promise. I only regret not getting the Motorola Zoom.

  • lesm

    This is very dissapointing news for UK users of Toshiba’s at100 (Thrive). Many apps now available on Google Play are only android 4 compatible, hurry up Toshiba, you could still save face.

  • buddy

    Google play has a ICS launcher for 4.0. Try it

  • Iceh2o

    As usual Toshiba is just going to abandon the Thrive. Time to by another tablet. I’ll do a lot more research this time and it will not be a Toshiba.

  • AJrants

    This is the Problem with third tier company’s like Toshiba, they dump a product on the market and offer absolutely no support on a product. If anyone thinks that this piece of junk thrive will ever see an official update they are sadly deluding themselves. It’s a pity that Apple is the only company that supports what they sell. This is the reason none of these companies will succeed like Apple.

  • xander groove

    Before buying this thing, I really debated. The Xoom, the Asus tablet and the Acer were all being considered. I CLEARLY made the wrong decision. I am stuck with a slow laggy tablet and literally am being held hostage by Toshibas lack of caring for their customers. My options are to wait around with this subpar product, or shell out hundreds for another tablet. Its pathetic. Toshiba will never get another cent of my money. I have learned my lesson. Apple it is.

  • Hilton Travis

    I have to assume that now Jelly Bean has been released, Toshiba will do the right thing and release a Jelly Bean upgrade in early fall, not ICS. If they don’t, why would anyone buy a Toshiba tablet in the future just to be held back by poor OS upgrade support? I know we won’t be selling any more Toshiba tablets if they can’t do this properly.

  • Tiffany

    I love Toshiba products, hate their customer service. I love my thrive, I love the option to get a new battery at a reasonable cost, hdmi ports, etc. I just hate that I have to know going into buying a toshiba product that I won’t have the customer support that ANY other company supplies. I really want to get the excite, and I think that by Toshiba not supporting their customer’s more, they are hurting themselves, why would I want to upgrade my current device to get the next latest greatest when it is clear that I won’t get support? I’m one of those people that like to upgrade my gadgets every year or two. Sadly, unless the excite comes WAY down in price, I will save my money and wait for another tablet to be released with an hdmi port.

  • stefano5050

    I’ve a at100 and it works fantastic on latest 3.2 update. However – the read only file system issue (which i did fix via a PC) was annoying and copying files is pathetically slow. I too would like ICS, Toshiba please get with the program and show the wannabe tablet device makers who is best.
    If you dont keep up, I like many (not die-hard) toshiba fans will move elsewhere, and soon@!

  • Dweebster

    If Toshiba and Google can’t get their act together, then it is time to junk the thrive and switch to an I pad……

  • Jay

    I will never buy another Toshiba product. Why do you think Japanese companies are loosing out in the marketplace?

  • Jim A

    We’ve been promised ICS forever and we still don’t have it. Now Jelly Bean is out, and Toshiba is now promising us ICS “in the fall.” I don’t believe anything they say any more. We were Toshiba’s first trusting base (and loyal for too long) and they’ve screwed us royal. No more Toshiba for me. I pre-ordered a Nexus 7 today. I’ll give my Thrive to my 3-year-old granddaughter. I certainly wouldn’t be able to sell it for peanuts now, given the less-than-outstanding customer support. C ya, Toshiba.

  • Lin35

    I am Thrive owner and have been waiting
    on ICS for a while, need less to say I am very disappointed at
    Toshiba. To all, if you are buying a Android Tablet, please check
    companies upgrade policy, for example, you may want to know their
    track record for releasing OS software or patch updates and path to
    upgrade from a older version to a newer vision. If the track record
    is not good/clear then stay way from that specific Android Tablet
    maker, such as Toshiba.

  • eric

    did a lot of research on which tablet to get, leaving apple out of course, i liked the usb but it doesnt seem to work with anything. should have went with transformer prime…..never doing toshiba again. Cant afford to replace the tablet. im stuck and disappointed.

  • Last Purchase from Toshiba

    Take your slow sweet time Toshiba, cos this is gonna be the first and last product that I’ll buy from Toshiba. Its a shame that such a prestigious Japanese company would be so slow in releasing their software update, where are all the programmers and engineers. Toshiba’s after sales service reputation is at stake…

  • Android101

    I am kinda upset, but not angry! I have been waiting for ICS for a long time. Now Jellybean is already out. Toshiba needs to get there act together. But I guess as long as they keep trying to release it, I can wait.

  • I’m a techy programmer geek and I’m not very angry with Toshiba about this. Yes, I love ICS on my phone and want to see it come to my Thrive as soon as possible, but the fact of the matter is that the implementation of Android updates varies so much because Google isn’t the one creating all the hardware (not that I would want Google to be the sole manufacturer of Android devices – I think it’s important that the hardware manufacturers have to compete, it keeps the hardware improvements coming along more quickly than on the Apple side of things). ICS has a few important features that aren’t always easy to implement on older hardware – for that reason it’s important to have thorough testing.

    The last thing any of you non-techy Thrive owners want is to have something not work that you expected to. Then you’d be complaining for a different reason. From my experience with 10 different tablets, the Thrive has been one of the ones with the fewest bugs because Toshiba tests and tests and tests and doesn’t release until it’s perfectly functional.
    ICS holds many exciting things for my Thrive (like Chrome, just for starters), but I’d rather have it work smoothly right out of the box.

  • victor

    Purchased this tablet for connectivity reasons. Aside from that this product is not worth the circuit board it’s soldered to. I see an iPad in my future.

  • Daveagre

    Toshiba loaded ICS in my Thrive 10 last week via Service Station. No hitches, kept my defaults, and it is now a happy Ice Cream Sandwich.

  • Doug Speight

    My Samsung Galaxy Nexus has just Updated to Jelly Bean from ICS ! Come on Toshiba what’s the delay and why ? At least give us some hope.I had the choice of which Tablet to purchase ! chose the Toshiba AT100 because of the Toshiba Brand,never again !!!I wont even recommend Toshiba to my customers or friends again.Was due to purchase a new Laptop in June whuch was going to be Toshiba,went for Dell instead. Come on Toshiba you’re going to loose many loyal followers if this update isn’t sorted quickly.

  • Pcon

    I for one will never buy another TOSHIBA product.It is so annoying having to wait for firmware updates from them. They should be ashamed of their customer service or lack of it. The thrive as a product is very good but the lack of updates is unforgivable in my opinion. There are new cheaper tablets on the market with ics as the os but TOSHIBA just treat their customers with comtempt.I had looked at most if not all the tablets on the market before deciding on the thrive which I am happy with but the lack of updates are dampening my enjoyment, At this stage they should be releasing JELLY BEAN for their customers!!

  • suls

    Is It possible To root this device?