Top Xposed Framework Modules

by: Kevin NetherAugust 16, 2014

Xposed Framework is a powerful tool, that allows you to add certain functionality and features to your device which would otherwise be available only through flashing custom ROMs. Xposed framework requires root to access core Android resources, using them to run different modules to add new functionality to the OS. This tool is considered to a must have for power users, and there are quite a few tutorials and guides on how to get started. As mentioned, root access is required, but keep in mind that rooting your device may result in your warranty being void, and a certain amount of technical know-how is recommended before diving in.

The potential here is almost unlimited, and as the number of modules keep growing, it can prove to be daunting task to filter through the various applications available in this tool. That’s where we step in. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the top XPosed Framework Modules. Let’s get started!

Activity Force New Task

Android Xposed framework - activity-force-new-task-3-2

While launching an application from within another isn’t a new feature, there is definitely some room for improvement in this regard. Some of you may have noticed that when you launch an application from within another, hitting the back button takes you directly to the homescreen, instead of back into the app. In some cases, when you launch an app from within another, it doesn’t register as a separate task in the Task Manager or Recent Apps screen, that makes multi-tasking slightly more annoying than it should be. A great solution available is in the form of an Xposed framework module called ActivityForceNewTask.

As the name suggests, this module forces the system to create a new task when an application is launched from within another, making switching between the two that much easier. You also have the option to set filters for different apps, that lets you choose which applications this module does and does not affect. ActivityForceNewTask is a very useful tool for anyone that faces such problems. You can find out more about this module here.


Android Xposed framework - blacklist-3

The next module, called BlackList, is something that could be considered a must have for a lot of people. BlackList is an advanced call and SMS filter and blocker, with various features to easily manage unwanted calls and text messages from anyone. You have the option to set up blacklists, exception lists, and even configure blocking options for specific numbers. It’s very easy to add numbers to the different lists and stay organized. You can check out the full list of features and find out more about the BlackList module here.


Android Xposed framework - bootmanager-3

If you’re worried about slow boot times and have noticed multiple and unnecessary apps running during system startup, this next module is for you. BootManager, as the name suggests, is a simple tool that lets you control which apps run when the device starts up. All you have to do is click on the apps you don’t want to load when Android boots up, and that’s it. You also have the option to restrict system apps from loading, but that requires a donation. You can find out more about BootManager here.

Complete Action Plus

Android Xposed framework - complete-action-plus-3

What we all love about Android is that it gives us a lot of options. We can share with any application we want, and we can even set application defaults. But with the problem with having so many options is that it can sometime slow down your workflow. With this next module, called Complete Action Plus, you can modify these options, and customize your share options and default application window. For example, you can remove applications you never share with, select from different applications, change the size, and modify colours. There are dozens of options for you the choose form, so it’s something that is definitely worth installing and checking out. You can find out more about the Complete Action Plus module here.

DS Battery Saver

Android Xposed framework - DS-battery-saver-3-3

With our ever-increasing dependency on our smartphones, a growing concern over recent times has been battery life. If you’re hoping to get the most juice out of our device battery, the DS Battery Saver module is the one for you. This application lets you select from a list of battery saver profiles to suit your needs, and you can also set parameters to optimize your battery life. Most current high-end smartphones come with battery saving modes baked in, but for any other device, the DS Battery Saver module helps make a big difference. You can find out more about this module here.

Protected Apps

Android Xposed framework - overview-3

Security is important when it comes to your device, and most of us have a PIN, password, or pattern required to unlock our devices. If you’re looking for the same option when it comes to individual apps as well, the Protected Apps module is what you’re looking for. This module lets you use the device unlock PIN, password, or pattern to unlock a specific app. This proves especially useful for devices used by multiple people, or if you’re worried about your friends posting that awkward Facebook status update when they get their hands on your phone. Since this is a system level lock, there is also no way around out. You can find out more about Protected Apps here.

Smooth Progress Bars

OnePlus One Xposed Framework Smooth System Progress Bar

The next module, called Smooth Progress Bars, is a little add-on that enhances the visual aspect of the OS greatly. This does what it says, and makes your progress bars a lot more smooth. You can tweak and adjust exactly how the loading bar animation should be. This module creates a small visual tweak, but once you have it installed, you’ll find that it is something you can’t live without. You can find out more about this module here.

Tinted Translucent Status Bar

Android Xposed Tinted Transluscent Bar

The Tinted Translucent Status Bar is another module that allows for a visual tweak, that makes things look a lot better. This module gives you the opportunity to use the Translucent mode for the Android status bar and navigation bar in every application that you want. It has a built-in database that downloads the colour profiles for you, and then makes the status bar the same colour as the application. Choose the apps and activities you want to be tinted, set the colour, and how the layout should be adjusted, and that’s it. You can find out more about the Tinted Translucent Status Bar module here.  


Xposed Wanam Kit

Apart from the Tinted Translucent Status Bar module above, if you’re looking to further customize your status bar, as well as other UI elements, the Wanam module is the one for you. This lets you tweak and customize various visual elements, and also adds a lot of functionality to the device. You can find out more about the various options available here, and there is also a module that is compatible with the Samsung TouchWiz UI, that you can check out here


Xposed Framwork Xprivacy

If security is a big concern for you, Xprivacy is the module that lets you completely protect all your information. XPrivacy can prevent applications from leaking privacy sensitive data, and can restrict the categories of data an application can access. This is done by feeding an application with no data, or even fake data. There are several data categories which can be restricted, such as  your contact list or location. You can find out more about the XPrivacy module here

And so, there you have it, a look at some of our top Xposed Framework modules! If there is any module that you feel deserves to be on this list, don’t forget to let us know in the comments section below.

  • jiffy1080

    I feel like GravityBox is missing.

    • GravityBox is a total must have for Nexus devices or near stock ROMs. Sense 6 Toolbox should be on any sense phone owner list as well.

    • Ricardo A. Fragoso


    • Max Fireman

      Works wonders for my S5

  • Dimitrios Pandioras

    Knock Code is also a great module.

  • Dana Snell


  • DaviDM™

    No gravityBox #facepalm

  • mickey4mice

    Xposed is godsend.

    For stock/AOSP ROMs, GravityBox is a must, you can eliminate half a dozen modules just by using GB.

    Others not mentioned above:
    CustomShare(paid) – choose which app to show in the share menu, free version has 9 app limit.
    NotifyClean(paid) – get rid of any notification/icons on the notification bar
    Disable Location Content – Tasker users or those often change location modes, this one disable the annoying consent pop-up box.
    Greenify(paid) – much better than using root method, also allows GCM push notification when apps in greenified state.
    Instagram Downloader – a must for instagram junkies.
    MinMinGuard – better than host file method most app use for blocking ad.
    Wakelock Terminator – I use this to get rid of Nlp wakelock from Google Play Service, and it works well.
    Youtube adway – who wants to watch youtube ads?

    There’s also an awesom Pandora module, you just have to find out yourself.

    • Daniel Belini

      I use Adfree to remove ads and I don´t see any, in aps, youtube or webpages.

  • @AndroidAuthority,

    When I hit a link holding ctrl, I meant to open it in a new fucking tab! Stop overriding the basic behaviors. You don’t want users on your site for long?

    • MasterMuffin

      Click with the scroll wheel?

      • No. Left click on touchpad holding ctrl.

        • MasterMuffin

          Oh you have a laptop :)

        • Your Mom

          Plug in a mouse, you lazy fuck, and quit your bitching. The internet (and it’s web pages) wasn’t personally designed around you.

  • Rohan

    What about GravityBox?

  • lem

    Does BlackList support white list? if not then it’s not worth mentioning, non-root call/sms filter/blocker already support it

    • Paco Inurreta

      Just dont add the number?

      • Matt Pankey


  • Paco Inurreta

    BootManager ask for “Donation” but in the text it says that the minimum is $5.5.

    What? This is the thing I hate about Android, every “developer” sets their apps too high. In over 2 years in iOS I never paid more than $15 total, in just a year on Android I have paid twice the amount…

    • Derek

      then why are you using an android phone? If it’s that much of a pain in the ass, shouldn’t you just use that money to buy iphone? Just saying that makes more sense

  • Planterz

    Wanam for TouchWiz is the only way I can tolerate using my Galaxy Light. I can free up notification panel and status bar space from useless things on this dinky screen.

    I’ve tried Gravity Box on my Nexus 4, but running CM11M8, I feel like most of the tweaks are redundant. Still, I agree with others that Gravity Box should definitely be on this list.

  • Chico

    Love Unicon myself and you tube ad blocker

    • Dimitrios Pandioras

      I’m a fan of it too, recently however, it’s being playing up. Not changing all icons.

  • Android Developer

    How could GravityBox be missing from the list?
    Not even being mentioned?
    It’s one of the most popular modules there is…

  • Jay

    My current modules: Blurred System UI, S5 SystemUI Theme, Wanam Xposed and Xposed Torch. Mostly all UI tweaks.

  • Ojzor

    App settings is a great module for tuning apps. DPI, notifications and permissions for example.

  • AStarbucks

    Greenify! How can the winner of the Top Utility of 2013 (Lifehacker I think) be omitted?!

  • Olek

    Xposed Framework saved many hours for developers of making changes to a ROM and compile it into a zip pack, developers just need to maintain modules; users no longer needs to flash other ROMs for tweaks. Read more here:

  • Jai

    Xhalo floating,chimps is a good one too