Must read Android: top 11 stories this week

by: Bogdan PetrovanNovember 24, 2013

This week in your world of Android, KitKat hit a Verizon phone before a Nexus, Cyanogen teased a new partner, news of a smart new Camera API surfaced, Google updated several of its apps, and Samsung got slapped with a $290 million fine.

These are the essential stories, the summary of an entire week in just a few phrases. It’s must read Android

Android 4.4 finally hits Nexus 4, Verizon users are happy for once

Android 4.4 KitKat logo - aa

Verizon has an awful reputation when it comes to Android updates and Nexus devices, but this week Big Red redeemed itself a bit by releasing a timely KitKat update for the Moto X. Hours later, Google rolled out KitKat to the Nexus 4, followed by a bug-squashing update to the rest of the Nexus line.

CyanogenMod teases mystery partner


Rumors of Cyanogen working with a new partner to release a CM phone have been swirling this week. Word around town is that the mystery company may be an Oppo spinoff.

Everybody smile! New Android Camera API

Rear shot Nexus 5 LG G2 Sony Xperia Z1 Galaxy Note 3

Taking pictures with your Android phone may get a whole lot better once the new Camera API that Google’s been working on is ready. The API will bring features like burst mode and RAW shooting, and, we hope, better quality pictures.

Google apps updates

Google Newsstand review

This week Google rolled out updates to three of its best known apps: Translate, Drive, and Wallet, and merged Currents and Play Stores to create Newsstand. Read all about it below.

Samsung fined $290 million, Apple rejoices

Guilty verdict Shutterstock

It’s small money for Samsung, but the Korean giant will have to pay Apple almost $300 million for infringing five of its patents. That’s what the jury decided on Thursday, bringing Samsung’s total fine to a cool $890 million. How many Galaxies is that?

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  • APai

    if a cabal of patent abusers can exist in the form of rockstar, what prevents all the android companies to form another cabal ? i sure like whats happening to microsoft, I hope i can see the day when microsoft is reduced a shell of its former self.

    • TheGCU

      Microsoft is already a shell of it’s former self. The shell remains, but it’s mostly empty inside.

  • Marlon Salazar Granados

    how important is technology in our lives.