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With over 1.8 million apps on the Google Play Store, according to Statista, it really is no surprise that discoverability of apps is a core issue. Discovering new apps on the Google Play Store is, let’s face it, not really child’s play. Lists such as “Top Paid Apps” and “Top Free Apps” exist, but hardly help you in discovering many apps apart from the biggest names in the business.

One of the biggest complaints that consumers have had is with Google’s “Top X Apps” lists is that these lists include both games and apps. And if you take a look at any of these lists, you’ll note that most of them are of games. It’s not really Google’s fault, as a large number of apps in the Play Store comprise of games.

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December 22, 2015

While we are sure that Google is aware of this pain point, a recent discovery made by Phandroid suggests that the software giant might be considering publishing Top App lists that actually include only apps and not games.

Phandroid stumbled upon a couple of hidden Play Store links – “Top Free Apps“, “Top Paid Apps“, and simply “Top Apps” – that are just like your regular app lists, minus the games. Click on the links to be taken to the respective lists on the Play Store.

top paid apps android

Don’t want to deal with secret links? There’s an Android app already, called “Apps – Play Store Link” by Jeffrey Sera, that launches a ‘NO GAMES’ version of the Play Store (that was quick!). And if you really don’t want to deal with having to discover new and interesting apps, simply check out Android Authority’s curated lists of top Android apps.

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December 22, 2015
  • Armaan Modi

    cool! I’ll download this much needed app right away!

  • Kanoosh

    just goes to show how drunk google is when attending to their own apps and eco-system -_-

    • Kaster

      It could be much worse. At least be glad we even have these options.

      • Kanoosh

        options are a great thing and a blessing in disguise sometimes don’t get me wrong.. i appreciate all that there is , but that does not excuse them from fixing their own apps from the horrid bugs and design that there is.. third party apps from people that only consist of a ONE-man team make cleaner , faster and more beautiful looking apps..
        Google is supposed to set the example here, which is what frustrates me and others like me.

        • Latheryin

          Then you miss the whole point. Google wants people to build apps. If google released the best apps out there then what would the point in using 3rd party apps?? Why do you think the nexus software sucks so bad? They want people to build better apps. No point if you know you are defeated before you start.

          Oh and a side note. All those one man jobs……most pay others to make parts of the app. Some even pay to have the whole app made for them and even pay for support.

          • David

            Nexus Software sucks? In which universe?

          • Latheryin

            It is a well accepted fact that the plain software like the camera is one of the biggest issues with nexus devices.

  • Wouldn’t you think Google, still a search company, could make it incredibly easy for users to:
    a) search the play store
    b) archive results they want (better than “wish list”)
    c) mark results they NEVER want to see again
    d) flag users they never want to see reviews / comments

    Yes, they could do it. Why they don’t do it?
    It’s because they don’t want users to have the best possible experience, to be able to block out things they’ll hate, to actually control their Play Store experience. It’s not b/c “market forces” of capitalism drive them to release the best product. #GoogleFAIL