Must read Android: top 12 stories this week

October 6, 2013
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    This week, the veil lifted on the Nexus 5, Android 4.4 KitKat leaked, we got confirmation that curved phones are coming soon, the Note 3 launched amidst controversy, Google downplayed Android malware, and the benchmark debacle erupted.

    These are the essential stories, the summary of an entire week in just a few phrases. It’s must read Android.

    Leaky Nexus

    As Google readies the next pure Android device, more leaks whet our appetite for everything Nexus. From alleged specs to an actual image in the wild, this week we got it all.

    New-LG-Nexus-render-2 Vovicon/reddit

    Some KitKat to go with that Nexus

    Android 4.4 KitKat

    A new phone goes with a new dessert. Android 4.4 KitKat starred in a photo shoot this week, revealing new features, design tweaks, and other intriguing details.

    Note 3 lands, region lock still not clear

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 jet black S pen stylus aa 6

    We were hoping that the region lock debacle was behind us. Well, it isn’t. If you’re okay with that, the Note 3 is a great phone that just became available at a bunch of carriers.

    Curved phones are coming

    samsung youm flexible display

    Like curves? Then you’ll be happy to hear that Samsung and LG are preparing phones with curved screens, due to launch in the next weeks.

    The benchmarks debacle

    Samsung Galaxy Note 3 jet black benchmark antutu aa 28

    Oh my, benchmarks are in the news again for all the wrong reasons. Samsung and several other manufacturers got caught red handed. Trust no one.

    Google speaks up on malware

    google verify apps defense (2) Qz

    You know those reports that come out every month warning about yet another nasty piece of Android malware? They are greatly exaggerated, says Google, with data to prove it.

    What’s the biggest story in Android this week? Tell us in the comments


    • MasterMuffin

      Only 1 month at most for Nexus 5!

    • Colby Leong

      Next year, shall be the year of curved screen phones. Just imagine all the cool designs that could be made. Not to put any other company down, but if the curved screens do have a “cheaper” feel to it, I think it could be one of the best places for Sony to shine. Granted that they also fix the quality of there screens.

      • Reezo

        Not just Sony. HTC could make a pretty-fucking-awesome handset with this curved screen sorcery.

        • Colby Leong

          Agreed, the HTC One, in my opinion, was one of the best Android phones. Of course you can’t compare it to the Z1 because it has an edge due to a later release. Still a really good phone.